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Snack Box Ideas: Juice Boost!

WhichSchoolAdvisor is launching the first in an occasional series of videos sharing inspirational ideas for healthy, reasonably-priced and easy-to-create snackboxes. If you have ideas which you’d like to share with other parents feel free to record a brief video or simply send us your recipes…


Juice Boost

– 100g carrot
– 100g frozen mango
– 50g frozen pineapple
– 100g strawberries
– 250ml orange juice


Makes about 500-600ml

Using the blender, start by blending the carrot with a little orange juice to make sure it is well ground up.

Add other ingredients and blend till smooth.  Transfer to thermos and seal.


Can really use anything but avoid fruits that turn colour ie, banana, apple as they can become discoloured by lunchtime.


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