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Sheffield Private School, Dubai

Al Nahda located Sheffield Private School provides education for 1550 boys and girls aged three to 18 years, from Foundation Stage to post-16, offering UK IGCSE, A2 and A’ Level exams. However, two-thirds of students are in the foundation and primary stage, and last a year only 29 students were in post-16 education at the school. A’ Levels had not been taken for two years.

Students come largely from Pakistani, Arabic, and Indian families.

The Post-16 phase of the school is clearly its weak link. It is currently rated unsatisfactory for English and for maths in terms of both attainment and progress. Maths attainment and progress at Primary and Secondary phases is its strongest – it is rated Good at these levels.

The school does not publish its results in external examinations, so it is not possible to benchmark the school in terms of academic performance.

The school has a relatively low teacher to student ratio of 1:17, and there has been an improvement for the last two years. There are currently 90 teachers and 30 teaching assistants. The majority of teachers come from the United Kingdom or Ireland. All are said to be appropriately qualified. Almost one-third were newly appointed in the last academic year.

The school is currently rated Acceptable by the KHDA, Dubai’s education regular, a ranking it has held since inspections began.

The school itself describes itself as an “improving school” on its Web site. And it is improving. The KHDA notes good progress in secondary Arabic for native speakers, and good attainment and progress in primary and secondary mathematics; the good attitudes and behaviour of children in the Foundation Stage and students in the primary phase; the good understanding of Islamic values and local, cultural and global awareness in the Foundation Stage, and in the primary and secondary phases; and the good opportunities for enrichment activities to support the curriculum.

The school as also recently added interactive white boards and there has been an improvement in the quality of teaching allowing for student development of their independent thinking skills.


As an Acceptable school unsurprisingly the list of to dos is however longer than its strengths. Sheffield needs to improve attitudes, behaviour, attendance, attainment and progress in Post- 16 phase; improve attendance and punctuality for Emirati students and their rates of participation in extra-curricular activities; develop rigorous systems of assessment to meet the learning needs of all groups of students; Improve the quality of teaching for effective learning; and to set more ambitious targets for all groups of students.

According to parent feedback, children enjoy school and are largely satisfied with the quality of education provided by the school. In feedback to the KHDA some parents noted concerns over discipline, but the behaviour of students in general is believed to be good. Students of the school are loyal and passionate about their own school according to feedback to Which School Advisor.

Facilities at Sheffield School are adequate. Extra-curricula activities are not detailed by the school on its Web site.

Tuition fees at Sheffield are approaching mid range, starting at 19,100 AED at KG and rising to 36,050 AED by Grade 12. Despite that, student numbers are growing quite sharply – up approximately 370 students over the last three years – although fairly flat over last year. Full details on fees below.


Tuition fees

Grade/Year Annual fee (AED)
KG1 19117.00
KG2 19117.00
1 22701.00
2 22701.00
3 22701.00
4 22701.00
5 22701.00
6 22701.00
7 26883.00
8 26883.00
9 26883.00
10 29870.00
11 29870.00
12 36050.00
13 36050.00





KHDA Ratings

Academic year Overall performance Report
2013-2014 Acceptable
2012-2013 Acceptable
2011-2012 Acceptable
2010-2011 Acceptable
2009-2010 Acceptable
2008-2009 Acceptable


If you are the owner of the school and note any factual inaccuracies, or would like to update any information, please do not hesitate to contact us at editor@edu2021.com. Please also complete the WSA Official School Questionnaire which may be found here.


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