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Lycee Georges Pompidou High School

Lycee Georges Pompidou High School

Based in Dubai Academic City, Lycee Georges Pompidou High School serves the French speaking community within the UAE. It is one of two secondary schools in Dubai offering a French curriculum, the other being Lycee Libanais Francophone Prive. Classes are conducted en Francaise.

The school currently serves 1917 students, boys and girls, aged from 6 to 18. The school has its own feeder KG school, Lycee Georges Pompidou Ecole Primaire Dubai, which takes pupils from 3 years of age to 6.

Both the Primary, and now the secondary are rated Outstanding schools by the KHDA, Dubai’s education regulator. It is the first year the post-primary school has achieved the top grade in the UAE, but the second time its junior pre-school, taking children from 3 years of age to 6, has achieved top rating.

According to its report this is a school achieving outstanding attainment and progress in English, French, mathematics and science in all phases. Teaching is also said to be Outstanding across all phases.

Students display “excellent linguistic skills”, with the majority able to speak three languages fluently. Students are also said to display outstanding personal development, “reflected in excellent attendance and punctuality”.

Finally leaders at all levels share an exceptionally clear strategic direction focused on providing the very best learning outcomes and personal development for all students. In earlier reports, inspectors had noted the “resolute” leadership of the school in driving it forward.

A total of 82 students have been identified as having special educational needs and half of the students have French as an additional language and there were 231 Arabic first language learners.

The school follows the French Ministry of Education curriculum. Students take the Diplôme National du Brevet at the end of the troisième (Grade 10) and the Baccalauréat in terminale (Grade 12). The majority of teaching staff are French nationals with relevant teaching qualifications for the age range they teach. The school has a teacher turnover running at just 2% – this is so low as to be almost unheard of in the UAE. The school has 141 teachers in total.


The  Diplôme National du Brevet in troisième is a diploma given to pupils at the end of 3ème (Grade 10) and a student wishing to go on to study ‘Le Bac’ needs to pass. To obtain the diploma, pupils must acquire the seven common core skills and score a minimum of 190 points (out of 380) – that is get over 50%. Points are awarded via tests in each subject except in history-geography-civics (le contrôle continu) and in a final exam at the end of ninth grade.

Pupils must also acquire the A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in a foreign language (English, German, Spanish, Italian…). The most popular course of study at the school is English, and students take advantage of their environment, and for the most part do very well indeed. The KHDA notes Outstanding attainment of students in the language.

Results from external examinations are certainly very good.  For those of you not familiar with the French Baccalauréat system, there are three streams that students can follow: Scientific (S), Economics and Social Science (ES) and Literature (L). The majority of the school’s students follow the Science stream, with the second highest taking Social Science. Last year only seven out of 125 students took the Literature stream, which focuses on French literature, philosophy, history & geography, and foreign languages heavily.

In the last set of results we have seen the school did well across the board with 97% of students obtaining the Bac while 93% of students in Grade 10 earned the right to go onto study the Baccalauréat, passing the Diplôme National du Brevet in troisième.

Overall parents, and students seem happy with the school, its results and its overall offering however. The school does well in the Which School Advisor survey, with the limited number of respondents satisfied with the academic progress being made, as well as with the feedback they receive. Most would put the school “on a par” with the quality of education their child would receive in their home country.

The school is incredibly competitively priced for an Outstanding rated school – priced at just over half that of the average of its IB or UK curriculum based peers.

Students themselves seem particularly satisfied, although there are complaints over after hours and extra curricular activities. The school’s web site does actually detail extra curricular activities on offer, but spaces seem to be limited.



GRADE 1 31401
GRADE 2 31401
GRADE 3 31401
GRADE 4 31401
GRADE 5 31401
GRADE 6 39715
GRADE 7 39715
GRADE 8 39715
GRADE 9 39715
GRADE 10 43122
GRADE 11 43122
GRADE 12 43122


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If you are the owner or the principal of the school and note any factual inaccuracies, or would like to update any information, please do not hesitate to contact us at editor@edu2021.com.


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