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Jebel Ali Primary School

Jebel Ali Primary School


Jebel Ali Primary School is one of a select number of WhichSchoolAdvisor.com Good Schools.

It also has almost exactly the same strengths as it had when it was judged to be Outstanding by the KHDA in 2011/12. What has changed significantly since then has been the criteria used to benchmark schools within the UAE. Both the KHDA and ADEC have added increased weight to Arabic and Islamic Studies when combining ratings into a final score. These are areas, as a parent, you may not consider as important as the UAE’s Ministry of Education clearly does.

A cursory glance at the KHDA’s latest report (2014/15) reveals outstanding ratings for English, Maths and Science – but almost no headway on either Arabic or Islamic studies. In fact its latest report showed a slip to an unsatisfactory rating at Primary for attainment and progress in both areas.

This is one reason why a deeper reading of a KHDA report is important. New principal Jacquie Parr and her experienced leadership team are rightly proud of what this not-for-profit school continues to achieve, year in, year out. This is a school that really does outperform, especially given the issues it has had with the owner of the land it is on. Fortunately for the school it looks like its the beginning of the end of those difficulties: It is moving to a new location in September 2016, when its name will change to Jebel Ali School, and it will offer secondary education for the first time. It will remain a not for profit school – although introduce a debenture scheme to help pay for the relocation.

Its new location, size, debenture scheme and secondary level fees (75,000 AED for Year 7 upwards) should however give it the economies of scale to begin to tackle those areas judged weaknesses by the KHDA, That it moves with such an established, and high performing team, should give parents that move with it confidence that this is a school that can handle relocation, a new building and indeed curriculum with secondary, and maintain business as usual.

Read the Q and A with Jebel Ali School for more details on the debenture, location and fees.

Although for the most part JAPS remains consistently outstanding in terms of rating, there is no doubt it has found the last 12 to 24 months trying and distracting. There were few improvements over the last 12 months, in fact in many areas it moved backwards. Progress in Islamic Education declined to acceptable, progress and attainment in Arabic both as first language and as an additional language had declined to unsatisfactory. The quality of assessment declined to good in both stages. The quality of governance also declined to good.


That said this remains an Outstanding school and one of very few WSA Good Schools. It is as noted outstanding in Maths, English and Science. It is outstanding for personal responsibility, understanding of Islamic and world values, community and environmental responsibility. Its teaching for effective learning is said to be outstanding – as is its curriculum, and in ability to differentiate that curriculum for different student needs. Its quality of support is outstanding, its health and safety is outstanding. Last but not least its parents, community, management and staffing are all said to be outstanding. This in spite of its distractions reveals what a strong and enduring culture this school has.

It helps that the school is so well staffed and resourced. It currently boasts a teacher to student ratio of 1:13 and maximum classroom sizes of 24. JAPS currently educates 637 boys and girls (flat on last year) between the ages of four and eleven years.  The school employs 49 teachers, including the school’s senior leaders, almost all of whom hold relevant degrees or teaching qualifications according to the KHDA. They are supported by twenty-four teaching assistants. Teacher turnover last year was a low (for Dubai standards) 14%. The largest demographic of students remains from the UK, although some 39 nationalities are represented within the school. See the Q and A for more details.

The school teaches the English Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in the Reception classes and the English National Curriculum elsewhere. Foundation Stage children and students from five to seven years of age are taught on one campus and students aged from seven to eleven are taught on another situated within a kilometre of each other.

The school’s 2011 impressive SATS results may be found here. Its equally impressive 2012 results are here. It’s 2013 results may be found here.

Classes include Islamic Education, Arabic, French, Physical Education, Music, Physical Education (PE), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Science, Mathematics and English. A number of extra-curricular sports are also offered including gymnastics, swimming and golf.

The school acts as a feeder to some of Dubai’s most well known and established secondary schools. The single largest percentage of children leave for Dubai College, with English College and Jumeirah College in second and third place. For many that’s reason enough to try to secure a place.

But if that is not enough, this is a school that is almost uniformly recommended by parents who attend according to our survey. It records the highest satisfaction levels of its peers for academic attainment, feedback and school discipline.

The school runs as a not for profit organisation. Tuition fees are in the range of 41093 AED plus per year. Other fees are as follows: Booking Fee: AED 500 (non-refundable); Registration Fee: AED 2000 (On offer of an available place in Jebel Ali Primary School, a non-refundable fee is required (of which AED 1750 is credited against the first term fee)); Bus Fee: AED 1,500; Medical Fee: AED 200.

All new students are required to undergo a medical during their first term at Jebel Ali Primary School.



Grade/Year Annual fee (AED)
3 41093.00
4 41093.00
5 41093.00
6 41093.00


KHDA Rankings

Academic year Overall performance Report
2008-2009 Good click here
2009-2010 Good click here
2010-2011 Good click here
2011-2012 Outstanding click here
2012-2013 Good click here
2013-2014 Good click here
2014-2015 Good click here


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If you are the owner or the principal of the school and note any factual inaccuracies, or would like to update any information, please do not hesitate to contact us at editor@edu2021.com.


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