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Japanese School in Dubai

Japanese School in Dubai

Japanese School in Dubai is an embassy run non-profit school located in Jumeirah, Dubai and currently provides education from chhildren aged 6 to 15. The school was established in April 1980 by the Dubai Consulate of Japan.

The school currently caters to 133 students (down 6 from last year) with 18 staff.

The school, situated in Al Wasl, provides a private education for boys and girls from Primary to Junior High, aged six to 15 years.

The school follows the prescribed Japanese Ministry of Education curriculum. The Primary phase from Grade 1 to 6 is followed by the Junior High phase, from Grade 7 to 9.  According to its KHDA report, almost all students return to Japan to complete high school. Japanese, mathematics, social studies and science are taught in Japanese. English and Arabic are taught as additional languages.

The school uses a variety of externally generated tests to monitor students’ progress. In the primary school students took standardized tests three times per year as well as school-based tests at the end of each term. In the Junior High School students sat the Japanese Nationwide Standard examination four times per year.

Most of the school’s teachers are expatriates selected by the Ministry of Education in Japan.

Japanese School Dubai is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education and as of 2013-2014 the school received the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) rating of ‘Good’, a rating it has held onto since inspections began.

The school’s KHDA report notes good attainment in external examinations in Japanese, English, mathematics and science; extremely well behaved, enthusiastic students committed to learning, who took pride in their school and community; continued outstanding care and support of students provided by the school; and continued outstanding school leadership and partnership with parents.


The KHDA’s recommendations are to continue to strengthen Islamic Education for Muslim students; improve attainment in Arabic across both phases by ensuring that it is provided frequently enough to meet UAE Ministry of Education requirements; and ensure that students with special educational needs are identified and have their learning needs met.

Facilities at the school include a gymnasium, swimming pool, science laboratories and ICT laboratories.


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KHDA Reports

2013-2014 Good
2012-2013 Good
2011-2012 Good
2010-2011 Good
2009-2010 Good
2008-2009 Good





If you are the owner of the school and note any factual inaccuracies, or would like to update any information, please do not hesitate to contact us at editor@edu2021.com.


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