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Our Own English High School, Al Warqa, Girls

Our Own English High School, Al Warqa, Girls

Established in 1968, GEMS Our Own School is located in Al Warqa. It is a private school run by GEMs Education and currently has 10,142 students on its register, looked after by 449 teachers.

The school follows the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum.

Classes are mixed through to Grade 4 and then girls-only from Grades 5 to 12. The similarly named Our Own High School, also in Al Warqa, and also run by GEMS, offers the CBSE curriculum for boys.

The school achieved a ‘Very Good’ rating in its last KHDA inspection, an improvement over its previous rating and now one up from the boys school down the road. Only a handful of schools have achieved this rating, introduced by in Dubai School Inspection Bureau reports this year. It puts the school tantalisingly close to achieving Dubai’s top-tier Outstanding rating.

Already the school makes outstanding progress in English, mathematics and science in the secondary phase. Students, according to its most recent inspection, demonstrate excellent behaviour and attitudes to learning.

At the heart of its success lie an improving, increasingly stimulating curriculum, and a “very clear commitment, vision and strong sense of purpose by the school’s leaders at all levels”.

Our Own English also has excellent relationships within the school community which includes a highly supportive, committed and involved parent body

To improve the school needs to accelerate progress in Arabic as an additional language and increase the number of very good and outstanding lessons by ensuring expectations are high in all subjects. Our Own English also needs to improve teaching and learning in the Kindergarten and primary phases by providing differentiated activities opportunities within every lesson for students to take responsibility for their learning o focusing on the development of students’ learning skills.


The school performs well with those with special educational needs with a “very” inclusive vision and ethos. The school admits students with a range of special educational needs and disabilities and has procedures in place to quickly identify the difficulties and needs of students new to the school. Support and the curriculum for SEND students is thoughtfully planned. Most students make good progress against their individual targets: In Grade 10 exams, students with SEND usually attain at least expected levels in the core exam subjects and this was good progress from their starting points.

In general the school produces the goods when it comes to exam results. While the school does not publish its examination results, it does publish the university destinations of its students. The majority head to India for higher education, but a significant number also go to UK, Canadian, and US institutions.

Unfortunately the school does not publish a percentage of students that go onto higher education.


Fast Facts

Curriculum: Indian CBSE
Years: Kindergarten to Grade 12
Term dates: Apr-Mar
Waiting list? On request
Transport? Yes
Tel: 04 236 1335
Web: gemsoo-dubai.com
Facilities: School mosque, library, computer science centre, science laboratories, art studio, music studio, play field, kindergarten play area.
Extra-curricular activities: Physical education, public speaking, visual arts, environment club, performing arts, overnight camps, activity club, mentoring, workshops, olympiads, educational trips, Duke of Edinburgh Awards.



KG 1 6804
KG 2 6804
GRADE 1 8332
GRADE 2 8332
GRADE 3 8332
GRADE 4 8381
GRADE 5 8381
GRADE 6 9466
GRADE 7 9466
GRADE 8 9466
GRADE 9 11832
GRADE 10 11832
GRADE 11 14397
GRADE 12 14397


Inspection Reports

2009-2010 Good click here
2010-2011 Good click here
2011-2012 Good click here
2012-2013 Good click here
2013-2014 Good click here
2014-2015 Good click here
2015-2016 Very good click here





If you are the owner of the school and note any factual inaccuracies, or would like to update any information, please do not hesitate to contact us at editor@edu2021.com.


Update on October 27, 2016 | Reviewed by David on July 28, 2012

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  1. Aiswarya says
    January 8, 2016, 2:09 am

    Great school!


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