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Dubai National School, Al Twar

Dubai National School, based in Al Twar is one of two branches, the other based in Al Barsha. Just over 2100 students attend the school, girls and boys. Boys are separated from girls once they complete Grade 3 and start Grade 4. Three quarters of pupils are Emirati, and almost all students are Arab nationals.

The school employs 238 full-time teachers giving the school a very healthy teacher to student ratio of 1 to 8. The school has a total of 96 classes giving an average classroom size of 21 – well within the KHDA recommended limit of 25. There are additionally 36 full-time classroom support staff.

Both Dubai National Schools follow an American, English speaking curriculum, and are owned by the Dubai National Group of Schools. The curriculum is described as “broadly based” on a US framework by the KHDA. The school has now won accreditation with the New England Accreditation Board. The Al Barsha branch has, according to its Web site, been accredited since 2003.

As of 2012-2013 the school received the KHDA inspection rating of Acceptable, a dip after four years in a row it had achieved the KHDA’s second highest rating of Good. It has since carried that Acceptable rating into a second year (2013/14).

According to its previous inspection the school had not been fully successful in addressing the slower progress made by boys in English, mathematics and science, although there were some improvements in high school mathematics; Leaders had not been successful in further developing students’ investigative, critical thinking and enquiry skills;  The school had not improved the punctuality of students; Teachers had made some improvements in the quality and accuracy of their assessment of students’ progress, but more remained to be done; and the monitoring of the school’s performance and improvement remained at the same level as previously.

In its latest report the KHDA notes the school still needs to improve progress in key subjects throughout the school, and to develop the consistency and accuracy of monitoring classroom practice and use the information to improve teaching and learning.

Dubai National School, Al Twar also needs to improve the coordination of support for students with special educational needs throughout the school. Approximately 3% of the student body have been identified as having SEN requirements.

The school is newer than its Al Barsha cousin, having been established in 2000. Highlights of the school include good attainment and progress in Islamic Education and in Arabic as an additional language; the attention paid by staff members to promoting healthy lifestyles and keeping students safe; the identification of the needs of students in the Easy Learning Section; and the positive attitudes to learning across the school for girls.


Dubai National School, Al Twar has also made progress. Its kindergarten attainment and progress in English has improved; standards of personal and social development have improved in the Elementary, Middle and High school phases; and there has been “some progress” in improving the punctuality of students.

Dubai National School, A Twar is clearly a well resourced school. Features include an Early Learning centre, three multi-purpose gymnasiums, a full sized soccer field, outdoor basketball court, three swimming pools (for girls, boys and toddlers), computer labs, science labs, home economics labs, a lecture hall and library.

Fees range from 19,200 AED per year for KG1 students to 31,476 AED for Grade 12 students. Full details may be found below. These fees are very much mid-range and could even be considered good value of the school was able to improve its attainment and progress and return to a Good rating.



Grade/Year Annual fee (AED)
KG1 19200.00
KG2 19200.00
1 20981.00
2 20981.00
3 20981.00
4 22696.00
5 22696.00
6 22696.00
7 26192.00
8 26192.00
9 26192.00
10 30171.00
11 31476.00
12 31476.00


KHDA Rating

Academic year Overall performance Report
2013-2014 Acceptable
2012-2013 Acceptable
2011-2012 Good
2010-2011 Good
2009-2010 Good
2008-2009 Good





If you are the owner or the principal of the school and note any factual inaccuracies, or would like to update any information, please do not hesitate to contact us at editor@edu2021.com.


Update on June 26, 2015 | Reviewed by David on July 28, 2012

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