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Dubai British School Jumeirah Park – First Review

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park is located at the heart of this new community, close to Jumeirah Lake Towers and the Jumeirah Park/Jumeirah Islands areas. Currently, there are approximately 300 children at DBS-JP with a total capacity of the school of over 1,600 when open completely.

Unusually, the Foundation section of the school is not only located in a separate unit but is also geographically distant from the main campus – Dubai British Foundation is located close to the original DBS Meadows. School timings however ensure that drop off and pick up from both schools is convenient.

The school follows an England and Wales based curriculum and is a sister to the very popular Dubai British School located in the Meadows area. It caters for children from Year 1 to Year 8 currently, with the intention to expand to a full year 1-13 A Level school in the coming years.

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park is situated on a large site next to the main Shopping Centre for the Jumeirah Park development. Its white exterior with blocks of colour around each section ensures that it stands out from the rather monochrome housing around it. Currently, there is adequate parking around the school, but inevitably as the school grows this will become the usual challenge, and the shopping centre will no doubt become a convenient overspill for the school.

The buildings themselves are situated around 3 sides of a spacious site with the Primary school located in the left wing, the Secondary and connected 500+ seater auditorium in the right wing and the main shared facilities at the centre. Outside, to the rear of the centre of the buildings lies are very large open play area with plentiful outdoor play equipment and behind these are two large sports halls with enormous indoor sports areas and 2 swimming pools (both 25m) plus a learner pool, to cater to both Primary and Secondary students. The external facilities are topped off with a very large astroturf pitch and seating has cleverly been incorporated into the rear of the sports buildings to enable spectators to have a great view of the activities.

The school is entered through the central lobby area which is light, airy and spacious. The teaching wings of the building are constructed over 2 floors, whilst the central area, which includes the library over two floors (incorporating a specialist ICT teaching room) and a school cafeteria that will be managed by Gary Rhodes’ school catering team, houses the main administration on the ground floor and numerous specialist teaching rooms on the upper floors. The auditorium is very impressive and has been constructed at considerable expense to ensure excellent acoustics and will no doubt become a vibrant environment for school assemblies and productions in future years.

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park classrooms are light, bright and effectively furnished. All have windows to the exterior of the building. They feature the usual interactive white boards and appropriate play equipment. As a new school, classes are still relatively small with around 12-15 children per class at the present time. Most year groups offer 2 or 3 classes currently ( with 5 in year 1) and this will grow to 5 form entry over the coming years. Class sizes will be around average by Dubai standards for schools at this price-point, at around 26 per class; each class has a teacher plus teaching assistant.

In addition to the usual core subjects, the school offers a range of additional activities representing a full range of arts and sports.


Interestingly, DBS-JP has made the decision to offer only Arabic as a foreign language as a core part of the curriculum. Other languages will be available as after-school activities but will not take away from the time devoted to English and Arabic as the core languages. This is unusual; the majority of schools in Dubai at Primary level introduce at least one additional language (usually French) from year 1 onwards. Once the Secondary school opens, it is to be expected that the range of languages will grow. The Secondary School is also very well equipped with Design Technology and Science labs in addition to the usual classrooms – everything of course is standing empty at present, but the bare bones are clearly visible and the key facilities in place.

Children seemed to be happy and engaged when we visited the school, which has been open for only a few weeks at the time. The fact that the school was complete and fully operational on time is to be commended, given the difficulty experienced by other schools in past years at opening for the start of the academic year. As an organisation, Taaleem, the owners of the school, are committed to an inclusive school and this means that children with additional learning needs or special access requirements can and will be provided for.

The scale of the school buildings means that it does feel a little empty at the moment, but this will inevitably change as the school grows. For families living in the area around the school, Dubai British School JP offers a very convenient, well thought out and equipped option and will no doubt become a real centre for the Community both during and outside school hours.



Dubai British School Jumeirah Park currently has KHDA approved fees of 75,000 AED from Year 1 to 6, and 85000 from 7 to 8. It is however offering a 10,000 AED discount. The discount is applicable for the first 3 years There is a one-time, non-refundable and non-transferable Facility Fee of AED 10,000 which is waived for all students joining in 2015/16 and also lifetime waiver for all students transferring from DBF, TCGs and other Taaleem schools.


Update on September 21, 2016 | Reviewed by WhichSchoolAdvisor.com on October 19, 2015

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