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Dovecote Green Primary School

Dovecote Green Primary School

Dovecote Green Primary School, located at Dubai Investments Park, provides a primary education to a very small community of 170 pupils. A relatively new school, it should be inspected by Dubai’s education regulator, the KHDA, for the first time in the 2016/17 academic year.

The school is currently the only UK curriculum school within the Dubai Investment Park area – home to The Green Community, The Palisades, Ritaj, Dunes Village, Dubai Lagoon and the EWAN Residences. The school serves the Green Community particularly well with a footpath linking the two “enabling children to walk from their homes… We encourage families to walk and cycle to school.”

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The school is managed by Evolvence Education, part of Evolvence Knowledge Investments – owners of Repton (just rated Outstanding in the latest KHDA report round) and Foremarke.

The school opened with just 40 pupils and was initially and in its own words, was a “little quiet”. Over the last two years it has grown substantially however and is now home to some 170 pupils.The school now describes itself as “a wonderfully small British school with a fantastic community spirit”.

The school provides an Education based on the National Curriculum for England with students from FS1 to Year 6. The school has a capacity of 560 children by expanding the number of classes for each year group. Dovecote Green streams subjects for different abilities to tailor material and teaching for those who may need more time, as well as for those talented and gifted children within a subject that grasp the concepts more quickly.

The school covers “all National Curriculum subjects and set high standards in all.”

The school’s teachers are predominantly recruited from the UK, and have both a BA with PGCE (a post graduate certificate in education) or equivalent. At the time of our first look at the school class sizes had an average of 10 children and the largest classroom had 20. The smallest has 9 pupils.


In the last set of figures we had from the school was that one in two students came from the United Kingdom, 40 percent were European, and 10% from “other” nationalities. A total of 10 nationalities were represented at the school. However, we believe the school has evolved significantly from its first cohort and its student demographic more broad based.

Dovecote Green is closely linked to Repton senior school. Its aim is to teach the children to finish year 6 at the required standard to pass the Repton entrance exam.

Facilities at the school are very good, offering an attractive and ‘bright’ environment for learning. The school is set on a large plot of land, part of which was initially earmarked for a full sports field, and may still be – however part of which is now described as “ripe for further development and expansion”.

The school is essentially an inverted T shape with the main reception area located at the front of the building and the three teaching blocks located behind.  The corridors are wide and bright – unlike many schools, there is natural light throughout the building.

To the side of the main block is a very spacious indoor sports hall, and a multi-purpose dance studio.  There are two outdoor swimming pools  – a 20m meter pool and a Toddler pool.  Currently, there is a green area with play equipment at the front of the building, a large covered, shaded area with rubberized flooring at the back of one teaching block and a third area under development as a garden/play space.

Extra-curricular activities offered by the school include football, swimming, dance, martial arts and yoga. Of these the teacher led extra-curricular activities are free to all pupils.

Dovecote Green believes its strength lies in it “catering firmly for the ‘whole child’, developing each child’s thinking skills in order to become a successful 21st century learner. Even when it reaches full size it will much smaller school than many found in Dubai which will appeal to parents seeking  a smaller, more homely environment.  Class sizes will be set at around 20 students, and the focus of the school will be on educational quality and sports activities whilst developing strong links to the local community.

The school is in a good location for growth – just watch the area as Expo 2020 approaches, and with a very defined set of objectives, it is a school to watch.

Update on November 20, 2016 | Reviewed by WhichSchoolAdvisor.com on June 9, 2015

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