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Amity International – First Review

Amity International School is located not far from Deerfields Mall on the Abu Dhabi- Dubai highway. Set towards the coast, the school is located directly opposite an inlet to the main waterway and a highlight of the school will be its boathouse and sailing activities, which are offered to both parents and children. 

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Set up by Amity University, one of the largest Indian university groups, Amity International School is their first venture into pre-university education.  Although an Indian organisation, the ethos and curriculum of the school is very much a British one.

The school follows the National Curriculum for England and is staffed by teachers all trained in the UK. The Principal was a much-loved Primary School teacher at one of the most popular not-for-profit schools in Dubai ten years ago and is therefore familiar with the UAE culture.  She is actively involved in all aspects of the school – including running the after-school sewing club!

Amity International School is set within a large rectangular campus, with the Foundation section set in a wing to the left of the area and the teaching block spread across the centre towards the main lobby area and administrative areas, which are in the wing to the right.  A series of large concrete letters painted in the dark blue school colour spell out the name Amity at the centre of the plant-filled quadrangle in front of the buildings.

The main entrance lobby has both an imposing staircase to the left leading to the first floor, whilst on the right hand side is an escalator.  The glass sides of the escalator are cleverly decorated with illustrations of the mechanical parts of the escalator to show how it works. 

Classrooms are located to the left of the entrance leading towards the Foundation section and lead off large open corridors. All classrooms are bright and open, with plenty of outside access and natural light. Furnishings are also bright and cheerful, with boldly coloured seats and blue floors. Each classroom has the inevitable Promethium board, as well as large quantities of toys and resources suited to the age group. Specialist Arabic classrooms are incorporated among the form rooms. There is also a special PE Studio, which is used by the younger children. A large colourful dining hall allows children and staff to eat together and it is intended that hot food will be provided from 2016.

Years 2 and 3 are located on the first floor of the building with similarly large and well-resourced classrooms.  The second floor includes laboratories, Music rooms and Acoustic practice rooms, though this area inevitably lies largely empty at the moment. 


Outside areas include play and wet areas, as well as a covered outside playground area.  To the rear of this is the largest playing field in Abu Dhabi – a full-size football pitch surrounded by a 400m running track, basketball court and tennis courts and with still further space available.  Further sports facilities, which are located in the right-hand wing of the building (above the administration), include a Double-height Sports hall with full-size basketball pitch.  The main library and a sound-proofed 600 seater auditorium are located adjacent to the sports hall, with stunning views over the waterways opposite.  

Amity International School intends to be an inclusive school, supporting children with additional learning needs and also additional language teaching requirements.  As such, SEN and EAL provision is offered.  There is also a school counsellor to support families and children. 

It is intended that the school will very much be a focus of activity for the community and the Sailing Club and water sports area will be open to parents and, later, to other members of the community.

There is no doubt that Amity University has spared no expense in developing their school and has brought in a strong team of staff to run it.  Currently, the school is utilising mainly the ground floor of the building and this means that there is a sense of activity and involvement of children and staff, which suggests a busier environment than is in reality the case.  There is still a very large amount of space available for the school to grow substantially in the coming years, without it feeling cramped or under-resourced.  For families seeking a UK curriculum school with a strong international focus and population, Amity International School would seem to be a very good option.

Fees range from 42,000 at Nursery, rising to 48,000 at Grade 5 (Year 6).

Update on November 6, 2015 | Reviewed by WhichSchoolAdvisor.com on November 6, 2015

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