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Al Mizhar American Academy

Al Mizhar American Academy

Al Mizhar  American Academy (formerly Al Mizhar American Academy for Girls), a Taaleem owned and run school, is located in Al Mizhar 1, near Mirdif in Dubai. It has just over 670 students on its roster with 67 teachers. The school takes students from 3 to 18 years of age (KG to Grade 12).

Over one in two students come from local, Emirati families, but over 20 nationalities are represented at the school in totality – the majority of whom have Arabic as a first language.

The school, for girls only (although boys are admitted for KG where there are currently 22 boys), has the stated mission to promote “independence, critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, creativity and problem solving skills”.

The school follows an American curriculum modified by including the local culture and students receive a high school diploma upon completion of Grade 12.

External tests included the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, Advanced Placement exams for Grade 12 students, Pre-SAT exams for Grade 11 and SAT exams for Grade 12. The school is fully accredited by the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

The school says it limits classrooms to one gender so girls can grow and develop leadership skills and communication as well as feel comfortable to discover their own talents. A single sex environment the school believes allows its students to be more curious and inquisitive. The school’s KHDA report notes “Outstanding” student behaviour (2012, 2013 and 2014) reports so clearly something is working. Other strengths include students’ participation and involvement in the community, the understanding of Islamic values and their impact on the life and culture of Dubai; and the partnerships with parents and the community.

Academically the school is rated Good, in terms of attainment and progress, across the board. As a whole, the school has been rated Good, the KHDA’s second highest grade, since inspections began.


To improve further the school needs to “raise teachers’ expectations of what students are capable of achieving”, an unusual comment of the KHDA’s inspection team, as well as improve assessment and its impact on teaching and learning; use externally validated assessments to moderate the school’s own assessments and to give staff, the students and their parents, a realistic view of students’ attainment in an international context and to ensure that all classes start on time and proceed at a brisker pace in order to improve progress.

While a smaller school those resources include a swimming pool, well-resourced library, three computer labs, interactive white boards, art studios, music studios, four science labs, mini auditorium, fitness room, gymnasium, sports field, dance studio, KG playroom, separate KG library, outdoor playground, and a canteen.

School fees range from 35,000 AED at KG to 55,000 AED at Grade 12, putting the school top end mid range. Full details below.


What’s it like to just walk in?

The school stands on a large plot and is well resourced and laid out in a modern building, very much in keeping with other Taaleem schools.

Al Mizhar American Academy is owned by Taaleem Education.  It was previously known as the American Academy for Girls and is located in Al Mizhar, very close to the border with Sharjah.  The “for Girls” was dropped from the name two years ago, when the school started to admit younger male siblings of older female students into KG1 for KG1 and KG2 only.  This was done as a service to existing parents.  The boys move on, generally to other Taaleem schools, for Grade 1 onwards.

The entire staff of the school is female and comes from the US, with the exception of Arabic and Islamic studies staff.  This latter element of the curriculum is a particular strength of the school.  60% of students are Emirati, a further 25% other native Arab speakers and 15% other expatriate nationalities.  The school is keen to reach out to Indian and Pakistani Muslim families seeking a quality US curriculum school offering an all-girl environment.  The majority of graduates go on to universities in the US, whilst others attend university in Dubai and Sharjah.

For parents seeking a school that is exclusively female following an international curriculum, this is the only option in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.


The Buzz

Parents appreciate the size of the school with a small student body and small classes, noting students get greater individual attention as a result. There’s a belief in the teaching and that teaching standards are largely excellent. Parents also note the cooperative rather than competitive nature of the school, and a lack of overt pressure on the children. They also note however, that the single sex nature of the classroom does remove “distractions” which results in better performance of students in classes. Students are broadly very satisfied. The school is said to perform well with external tests.



Grade/Year Annual fee (AED)
Pre-Primary 36457.00
KG1 36457.00
KG2 36457.00
1 42891.00
2 42891.00
3 42891.00
4 42891.00
5 50397.00
6 50397.00
7 50397.00
8 50397.00
9 56831.00
10 56831.00
11 56831.00
12 56831.00


KHDA Rating

Academic year Overall performance Report
2013-2014 Good
2012-2013 Good
2011-2012 Good
2010-2011 Good
2009-2010 Good
2008-2009 Good



American Academy for Girls is located in Al Mizhar 1, near Mirdif Dubai.



If you are the owner or the principal of the school and note any factual inaccuracies, or would like to update any information, please do not hesitate to contact us at editor@edu2021.com.


Update on June 26, 2015 | Reviewed by David on June 30, 2012

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