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Al Ameen School

Al Ameen School

Al Ameen School is a private, mixed K-10 school located in the Al Nahda area of Dubai teaching the English National Curriculum. The school has a strong Muslim underpinning, with takam uk shakhsi (the perfect Mumin) principles guiding it:

“From the Foundation Stage dispositions and attitudes that go hand in glove in nurturing and instilling moral and spiritual values, help in the upbringing of students to be ‘Perfect Mumins’. These strong roots help the students to stay focused and keep them from going astray.”

The school is very much a rarity in having risen from a KHDA Ranking of Unsatisfactory to Good, the KHDA’s second highest grade – a grade it has now held for four years in a row.

That is some turnaround: To do that the school’s leadership have needed to have been highly effective, acknowledged by Dubai’s education regulator, noting “a senior management team that had led the school exceptionally well”.

In fact the school itself is an impressive tale of growth. Its origins are a villa with 20 students in Dubai teaching “Secular Education with Shari’ah perspective”. Today there are 574 students on register, with thirty six full time teachers. The report notes “astute hiring” which has enabled the school to plug the gaps in its offering noted in previous reports.

Ironically while there have been significant improvements in attainment and progress of students in English, mathematics and science at the secondary stage and in students’ progress in English at the Foundation Stage; attainment and progress in Islamic Education has slipped from Good to Acceptable (in the Secondary phase).

The school happily does provide detail on its examination results, just not in a way that allows Which School Advisor to benchmark the school. However results do look good. The school claims a 100% pass rate in physics, chemistry, biology English, maths, and ICT; and an 85% to 94% pass rate in economics, business, accounting and environmental management. However if the school is counting A to E as passes, that is pretty meaningless – A to C is considered a ‘good pass’.

Key strengths of the school include outstanding attainment and progress in English, mathematics and science in the secondary phase; Outstanding assessment arrangements in the secondary phase; high quality of health and safety arrangements across the school; and Outstanding partnerships with parents and the community.


The school as a whole enjoys strong support from parents and students. Students, in general look forward to school, while parents feel included, and are happy with the quality of the education their child receives.

Facilities at the school include a Foundation Stage activity room, ICT suite, a library, laboratories, an art and design studio, and a Quran room for study.

Fees at the school are relatively extremely affordable, at around 5,000 AED per annum.



Pre-Primary 4826.00
KG1 4826.00
KG2 4826.00
1 5147.00
2 5147.00
3 5147.00
4 5147.00
5 5147.00
6 5147.00
7 5469.00
8 5469.00
9 5469.00
10 5469.00
11 5469.00


KHDA Ranking

2013-2014 Good
2012-2013 Good
2011-2012 Good
2010-2011 Good
2009-2010 Acceptable
2009-2010 Acceptable
2008-2009 Unsatisfactory
2008-2009 Unsatisfactory





If you are the owner or the principal of the school and note any factual inaccuracies, or would like to update any information, please do not hesitate to contact us at editor@edu2021.com.


Update on June 26, 2015 | Reviewed by David on June 30, 2012

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