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Al Ain Juniors School

Al Ain Juniors School

2,700 student strong Al Ain Juniors School, which contrary to the name, takes children from 4 to 18 years of age, was founded in 1989. The school is dual curricula, and is affiliated both to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and to the University of Cambridge for IGCSE, AS and A Level external examinations.

The school is currently considered a performing school, rated A3 (Good) by the Abu Dhabi Education Council in 2013. Abu Dhabi has presently not awarded any A1 grades (Outstanding), and only 6 schools are ranked A2 (Very Good).

Al Ain Juniors is part of the AJ Group of schools, which includes Al Ain Juniors Nursery, Zakher Private School, and The Hope Center for Students with Special Educational Needs.

The school is host to a wide range of nationalities, but children from subcontinent families are by far the largest group, with 45% of students from India and 18% from Pakistan. The next highest group are Egyptians with 11%. Palestinians follow with 8%.

As noted the school offers both a British (IGCSE, AS and A2 level) and Indian (CBSE) education. There are different fee structures for the two curricula, but fees are low. For the UK curriculum students pay between 6,000 AED and 13,000 AED depending upon age group, a fraction of the fees charged elsewhere. The Indian curriculum fees top out at 7,500 AED. Note, this is for tuition fees only. Full details for the Indian curriculum here, and the UK curriculum here.

The school says it “strives to help students achieve excellence at all levels and by individually motivating and encouraging them to make the most of opportunities open to them” and “provides opportunities for students by extending their education through the arts, sport, social and extra curricular activities”.

The school largely achieves this. Attainment is said to be good across both curricula, but the school outperforms in the CBSE, with pass rates above averages in India itself. IGCSE and A Level performance is said to be “in line” with worldwide averages.

Quality of teaching is said to be “satisfactory and improving” by ADEC, and is said to improve towards senior years. The school is said to have worked hard to improve Foundation Stage education, recently implementing the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework.


In terms of facilities, the school is said to be “adequately resourced” by ADEC. Facilities include hard play areas, soft, multi-purpose shaded areas, a grassy playing field and open playgrounds. It has three well-lit large stages used for assemblies and school programs. The school itself describes its classrooms as “spacious and airy”, with  “well-equipped specialist rooms for the teaching of art, design and information technology” and “many well-equipped science labs and a state-of-the-art computer labs providing computers for individual students in class.” The school has two libraries.

Details of any extra-curricular activities are not provided on the school’s web site.

Al Ain Juniors is a popular school, heavily oversubscribed, and parents in general believe the school is well managed and run, and offers a good education for their children. The school’s report notes that the school offers good value for money. Given the tuition fees, that’s pretty difficult to argue with.


School Report

Iritqaa Report for Al Ain Juniors School





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