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Ajman Academy – First Review

The most immediate surprise about Ajman Academy is its location in relation to Sharjah and many of the northern residential areas of Dubai. The school is located five minutes’ drive from Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, an easy 15-20 minute drive to Mirdif and 30-40 minutes from Silicon Oasis, Falcon City and Arabian Ranches (from where students already travel). Since travel to and from school is against the commuter traffic flow, this really is a practical location for families living in these areas, seeking a school that is mid-market priced, but with the facilities and staffing of Premium schools in Dubai.

For the official WSA Q and A with Ajman Academy go here….

All staff are native English speakers with the majority from the UK, Ireland, Canada and US. In addition, the school actively supports children with English Additional Language requirements with a dedicated team of 3 staff providing 1-1 support (there is an additional fee for this support). The school also provides support to children with additional learning needs across a wide range, with 2 full-time staff currently working in this field.

Ajman Academy is accredited to offer the IB Primary Years Programme and is a member of British Schools of the Middle East (committed to offering the UK National Curriculum through Secondary). Unlike many Dubai schools, where expat families tend to be far in the majority, Ajman Academy has a strong contingent of Emirati children (over 50%), together with a broad mix of 47 other nationalities (the largest groups being ex-pat Arab, UK, US and Irish). This makes for a truly international flavour within the school.

In order to provide for this broad range of nationalities of children attending the school, Arabic is taught for 40 minutes per day in 3 – rather than the usual 2 – groups. Arabic A is for native-speakers, Arabic B for non-native speakers and Arabic C for complete beginners. Islamic Studies also takes place daily for Muslim students, whilst non-Muslim students are provided with extension activities. Spanish is offered as an additional language in Secondary school.

The second surprise are the size and facilities of the school. Now in its fourth year, Ajman Academy operates from a bright, modern building with Foundation 2 and the Lower Primary (to year 3) located to the left of the long, rectangular, double height entry hall, which is flooded with light, school trophies and awards and bright primary-coloured furniture.

Classrooms are similarly well equipped with appropriate light wood tables and colourful chairs, each with access to an outside play area. Classrooms feature the latest technology with IT integrated Veri-table Boards, which can be used either in their upright position by the teacher or students to present information etc. to the class, or can be laid flat for children to use in an interactive process.

The school provides I-pads which can be linked to the Veri-table and IT is integrated throughout the school. Plenty of appropriate learning resources are available, including role play equipment and an indoor area equipped for the development of gross motor skills. Breakout sections have been set up in the hallways to allow for small group or individual work. Staffing is good in lower Primary with a teaching assistant, in addition to the class teacher, in FS2 to year 2 inclusive.


To the rear of the Lower Primary section is a large, open playground with plenty of space for children to be active and with large climbing and play equipment installed. Foundation 1 children are housed in a separate nursery block, with their own fenced off play area and separate entrance directly from the car-parking. Again, classrooms are light, bright and well-equipped. Children have a nanny in addition to the class teacher and teaching assistant, with integrated toilet facilities and a small area where they can nap or rest if needed. There is a facility for FS1 children to remain in school from 1pm until 2.40pm when their older Primary siblings finish their day. Across from the FS1 block the school canteen provides cooked meals that are catered on-site and are extremely popular with students. There is also a kiosk for Secondary students and teachers that offers hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks.

To the right of the main entrance hall are two further blocks. At the front is the main Administration and upstairs the classrooms spread across the top of the school, used by the Upper Primary and Secondary. A brand new self-contained Secondary block is close to completion at the rear of the school and this will free up considerable space in the current buildings, which is certain to be much appreciated. The new building includes all its own teaching and sports facilities, as well as laboratories etc. and will be fully equipped to meet the demands of the growing school. This is due to open by early 2016. Meanwhile, the upper floor of the current building houses busy classrooms, as well as specialist art rooms, an IT lab with Apple Mac computers, a large and popular library, Music and Food technology rooms.

Also on this side of the main entrance hall on the ground floor level are three further impressive facilities. A 200 seater auditorium is used regularly by the Primary and Secondary school students and their parents for presentations and for school musical productions. There is also a very large sports hall which can be subdivided into 2 sections with a full size indoor basketball/multi court and spectator seating. Lastly, there is a very popular 25m indoor swimming pool, which is used by all children twice weekly. A competitive swim squad is also in training. Outside, the school has a large Astroturf playing field.

Ajman Academy is a well-resourced and lively school in a convenient location for parents who may want to look at alternatives to schools in Dubai, Sharjah or the Northern Emirates. It is also a school that really provides children with an opportunity to learn so much more about the local culture, with its strong Emirati student base, as well as the cultures and languages of so many other residents.

This is within a school setting that is clear in its desire to offer the best of international education through its mix of two of the most well recognised and respected curricula. The school endeavours to foster a strong community spirit and puts new parents in contact with existing ones of the same language and nationality initially, to assist with the settling in process.

Currently, schools in the Northern Emirates do not publish inspection reports or similar academic information. The school does however have accreditation from the UAE MoE. Its evaluation team has recommended that the school is “awarded distinction as its practice has been judged to be Highly Effective in leadership and at least three other Focus Areas”. The school’s first IGCSE results will also be welcomed as an indication of academic performance and the staffing and curriculum of the school should ensure that these are positive.



Foundation Stage 1 AED 30,000 AED 2,000 AED 0
Foundation Stage 2 AED 33,000 AED 2,000 AED 0
Primary Year 1 AED 33,000 AED 2,000 AED 0
Primary Year 2 AED 42,900 AED 2,000 AED 0
Primary Year 3 AED 42,900 AED 2,000 AED 0
Primary Year 4 AED 42,900 AED 2,000 AED 0
Primary Year 5 AED 46,200 AED 2,000 AED 0
Primary Year 6 AED 46,200 AED 2,000 AED 0
Middle Year 7 AED 52,800 AED 2,000 AED 1,000
Middle Year 8 AED 52,800 AED 2,000 AED 1,000
Middle Year 9 AED 52,800 AED 2,000 AED 1,000
Middle Year 10
AED 55,000 AED 2,000 AED 1,500


Fast Facts

Opened in 2012 and privately owned
Currently 745 students (147 in Secondary)
22-24 students per class with a max of 18 in FS1
IB PYP curriculum to year 6; UK national curriculum from year 7, with IGCSE (first cohort of 35 students currently) and A Levels from 2016. BSME member.
FS1 to year 10 at present – will go to year 13/grade 12 (with the change in numbering convention taking place)
48 nationalities – 56% Emirati, with top 5 nationalities being Jordanian, UK, US, Pakistani, Irish and Syrian.
Co-ed to year 6, then separated Boys and Girls streams in Secondary.






Update on November 25, 2015 | Reviewed by WhichSchoolAdvisor.com on November 21, 2015

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