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Repton School Dubai – WSA Q&A

Repton School Dubai – WSA Q&A

What is the official name of your School?
Repton School (see the WSA review here)

What is your school’s Web site address?

What qualities and characteristics would you say define your school?
Repton School is an innovative international school which has a very strong and distinctly British flavour based on the 450 year history of our sister school in the UK.

Repton espouses the notion that every child is important. Repton is a large school, but within it every child is cherished, nurtured and prized for their individuality.

We offer the best in British education, within the context of an international boarding community, and epitomised by the school’s philosophy of ‘the best for every child’.

We are proud of both our 21st century international nature and of the traditions and core values which have been derived from our partnership with Repton in Derbyshire, England. Repton School’s 450 year history has enabled it to develop a mature and effective school; we are fortunate to have been able to draw on the educational knowledge and expertise from our sister school and thus combine the very best of the new with the very best of the British educational system.

With state of the art, modern facilities and amenities, Repton School is situated on a spacious campus of 1.3million sqft, making it the largest school in the region.
Pupils aged between three and eighteen years benefit from an English independent school curriculum that incorporates elements of the English National Curriculum.

Our clear aim and purpose is to provide the best teaching and learning environment in which all our pupils will achieve their very best academically, physically and socially. By working closely with all our parents we will together help to develop young people who will have all the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing, highly competitive and global society.

Our international location gives our pupils greater selection in their tertiary education. To meet these opportunities, we have staff and resources to assist our pupils in exploring their options in global education.


Whilst excellence is pursued, Repton espouses the notion that every child is important. Repton is a large school, but within it every child is cherished, nurtured and prized for their individuality. An exceptionally wide range of opportunities allows every child to find those things he or she will excel at and the superb facilities give the children the chance to develop those talents. Our approach to motivating and getting the best out of our pupils is based on the belief that praise and encouragement lead to confidence. This confidence is then realised in academic success and the proliferation of a happy, caring community where good behaviour, excellent manners, enthusiasm and a love of learning are the norm.

We aim to give all our pupils the educational tools to succeed in whatever field they choose to further their path of learning. Through our encouragement of achievement and, equally important, independence of thought as well as action, pupils will develop a sense of personal responsibility and readiness for the demands of a rapidly changing world.

How many nationalities are represented in your school?

Are there high proportions of a particular nationality?
Yes there is

Which nationality (ies)?

What is the teacher: student ratio in your school?

Does your school have a waiting list?
Yes it does. Our list of closed year groups varies and parents should check on the website or talk to the Admission Office (admissions@reptondubai.org). http://www.reptondubai.org/en/admissions/availability-of-places.html

What percentage of your students achieve entry to higher educational institutions and, in general terms, which countries?
100%, mostly to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Spain

How does the school promote healthy lifestyles?
By continued education and information to pupils and parents and by timetabling active PE lessons as well as a huge range of competitive and extracurricular sporting activities.

Physical education and sport is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle?
Timetabled PE plus Extra Curricular Activities, plus extensive representative teams and House Events. Sports Academies attached to the School. Duke of Edinburgh in the Senior School and CAS activities for IB pupils.

How do you promote healthy eating?
We produce healthy balanced menus, incorporating all food groups to ensure nutritious balanced meals are offered daily with an excellent variety – trans fat-free, reduced sodium and negligible chocolate / sugar usage are taken into consideration when menu compilation is required and by our Chef monitoring the nature of the food offered in the Dining Room and on sale within the School Coffee Shop.

Does the school have cafeteria facilities for the students?
Yes it does

Does it serve hot food?
Yes it does

What would be the amount spent by a student for their lunchtime meal?
Less than 40 AED

What is the starting and finishing time of your school day?
Nursery, 07.45 – 13.00
Reception, 07.45 – 14.20
Infants, Pre-Prep & Prep – 07.45 – 14.30
Senior School, 07.45 – 15.00

All followed by Extra Curricular Activities and Prep until 16.45

Is there a school uniform?
Yes there is. The uniform is based on that of Repton in the UK with adaptations where needed to suit the UAE. The uniform is available through the School Shop based in the school.

Please advise on your discipline policy and/or provide a link to your website.
Based firmly on the best practice found in Repton UK and other independent schools, our policy is based on expectations of good manners, mutual respect and high standards of behaviour at all times both in and out of the classroom.

What is your policy on mobile devices such as mobile (cell) phones in school?
Mobile telephones can be used in House Offices but not elsewhere in the school or in lessons.

How does your school differentiate learning?
By carefully matching the teaching delivered in appropriate classes and sets to the ability and needs of all pupils.

Do you develop independent learning through homework and, if so, what are your recommendations regarding this, particularly time spent on homework?
Quality is better than quantity! Timetable allocation in the school day is made for the pupils in the Senior School to undertake homework ( prep) whilst at school. The amount set will vary with the age and academic stage.

How do you feedback progress and attainment to students and parents?
Pupils gain feedback regularly in lessons and from the marking of work. Parents are informally kept in touch by comments in Homework/Prep Diaries and Planners.

How often is the more formal feedback such as reports and parent/teacher meetings?
Two full end of reports a year as well as progress reports at half termly intervals. Parents’ meetings at least twice a year.

Is Arabic taught as both a first language and second language in your school?

Which other languages are taught?

Do you offer EAL or TEFL support for those students where English is not their first language?
Yes we do

Is Islamic Education/Studies for the Arab Muslim students delivered in Arabic for them?
Yes it is

Do you have a dedicated prayer room/s for the Muslim students?
Yes we do

If external examinations and assessments are part of your curriculum, which ones do you offer?
IGCSEs, The IB Diploma and CAT entry data.

What is you medium of instruction?

Not all schools are staffed or resourced to offer learning support to those children with either moderate or significant learning needs. To what level can you offer support for those with learning differences?
Each case is reviewed individually but with the key need for the school to be able to offer the assistance which is needed to help the particular child to flourish educationally.

Do you have a learning support team in your school?
Yes we do

How do you support gifted, able and talented students?
Young Society for possible Oxbridge and Ivy League Students. Also just starting IGGY which is a Gifted & Talented Programme run by Warwick University for pupils between 13 & 18.

Does your school have particular expertise in dealing with a specific learning need such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, aspergers syndrome and so forth?
Yes it does

Kindly provide details on the support for specific learning needs your school provides?
Support offered for Dyslexia, Dyspraxia. Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy available.

Does your school have an educational psychologist or access to one to assess and support those youngsters with more challenging learning and emotional needs?
No it does not

Does you school offer activities to students from other schools after school hours?
No it does not

Do you have a parents’ group supporting the school?
Yes we do

Please pass on contact details of the parents’ group.
In the Junior School, Parent Representatives act as a link between the school and the parents and are involved in a range of social, charitable and information events. In the Senior School , House representatives fulfil the same function.

Are there opportunities for parents to support the learning, activities and events within the school or on trips other than through the parent group?
Yes there are: Careers events, visiting universities – parents are invited and welcome to attend.

Is there an opportunity for parental representation on your school Board of Governors?
Yes there is. Currently two parents are members of the Board of Governors

Do you offer specific activities, events or information sessions for those parents new to the school and/or area?
Nothing formal.


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