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UAE’s 20,000 Uneducated Pakistani Students To Get e-Learning Solution

UAE’s 20,000 Uneducated Pakistani Students To Get e-Learning Solution

With the news last week that around 20,000 UAE-based Pakistani children are currently going without education, PAD (the Pakistani Association of Dubai) in association with the Year of Giving, has announce the launch of a new home-based online learning programme.

The project has still to meet approvals from the KHDA and Ministry of Education, however it is hoped it will not only benefit thousands of children currently out of education, but also all unskilled Pakistani workers who have not completed their schooling.

Speaking to the National, Samina Nasir, ex-Ajman Pakistani School principal and PAD education secretary, said, “I think it will take some time to sort out official approvals from the authorities, such as from KHDA and CDA, but we are committed to start this year to complement the UAE’s Year of Giving.”

She went on to say, “we [the Pakistani community] need educational access for our children at an affordable cost. The project would enable students to complete their discontinued education.”

The programme will launch initially with primary aged schooling- Grades 1 to 6, then increase its offerings into secondary Grades over the course of the next few years.

Although Nasir highlighted the costs could be as low as Dhs 85 per month for the service, she did note that both the software and devices required to access the platfrom could still be prohibitively expensive for many.

“Cost will be very high to start the project and Pad will definitely need the support of its community,” she said.

The project comes directly after the news last week that PAD believed the start of the new academic year in April will see thousands of Pakistani children turned away from the 13 UAE Pakistani community schools.


Currently every UAE-based community school is running at full capacity and most Pakistani parents can not afford to send their children to Private schools.

The Not-For-Profit Pakistani community schools charge parents around Dhs 300 to Dhs 400 per year, still a significant fee for many of the UAE’s lowest earning community.

Anjum Naseer, the principal of a Pakistani Community School in Sharjah, told the National that each year, the situation was worsening and urgent action was required.

“It’s a war footing situation. We cannot deny our children education, which is their basic right, just because we don’t have space. We have to make new schools on urgent basis to cater to their needs,” said Mr Naseer.

He went on to say, “on average, we have to reject at least 400 admission applications every year. This year again, we fear we have to do the same. We want to give admission to everyone but we can’t accommodate more than 30 students in each classroom, as per the law.”

“Those who don’t get admissions in the community schools stop their children’s education because they cannot afford private schools where fees are very high,” he said.


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