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UAE tops GCC for School Fees

UAE tops GCC for School Fees

Well, it’s official. In the GCC at least, the most expensive school you will find will be in the UAE, or more accurately Dubai. While many parents in the emirate will be saying tell us something we don’t know, the data, compiled by Alpen does show some interesting detail.

For starters, while the most expensive school is in Dubai, it is not the place for the most expensive American curriculum school. That dubious honour goes to Bahrain, where the most expensive school costs 22.6 thousand US dollars per year. In Dubai, the most expensive US curriculum school is significantly cheaper at 17,700 US dollars.

The most expensive pre-primary school meanwhile is found in Saudi Arabia, and will set you back over 19,000 US dollars, an incredible figure for a child yet to reach school age.

For a list of school fees in Dubai, go here. To have your say on the value of education in the UAE, please complete our 2015 UAE School Survey.

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