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The UAE Remains A Draw For Irish Teachers

The UAE Remains A Draw For Irish Teachers

Irish school teachers are being ‘lured’ to the UAE with the promise of salaries almost double what they would earn if they stayed in Ireland.

According to The Irish Sun, entry level teachers can expect a yearly wage around €31,805 should they stay at home, while those who choose to work in the UAE, can earn up to €60,000, all tax free.

Eoin Bolger founder of Teach and Explore which recruits teachers to work in primary and second-level schools in the UAE, told the newspaper, “the demand for places is crazy. We could have up to 1,000 teachers looking to go but we have to be very specific about who we interview.”

“Depending on experience, you could be making anything from €2,000 to €5,500 per month tax free and there is just no comparison between that and the rates in Ireland.”

“It’s just a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to save money and get to travel a bit too. The cost of living in Ireland is so high at the moment that this is a real option for many teachers,” he said.

However, it seems it is not just the favourable salary and lifestyle that are drawing Irish teachers to the UAE.

Gemma Tuffy, of The Association of Secondary Teachers, believes teachers are being driven out of the country by the short term teaching contracts common to the country, “Ireland has a high level of temporary and part-time teachers at second-level.”

“Approximately 35 per cent of second-level teachers are temporary and many of these teachers are also on part-time hours.”


Peter Mullen, of the Irish National Teachers Organisation, told the publication, UAE recruitment drives are affecting the Irish education sector.

“I have an email which just landed this morning about a school in Cork that has three vacancies but couldn’t get someone to fill them,” he said.

“Irish teachers are very much in demand because there is global recognition of the quality of Irish teacher education. One international report actually said that we were the best in the world.”

He said the cost of living in many Irish cities was prohibitive for young teachers, “I would call on the Government to restore pay for new entrants to pre-cut levels, they have to begin paying equally for equal work.”

“There is certainly a teacher shortage in Ireland at the moment and if that figure were to leave the market at the end of this school year, it would only exacerbate things.”

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