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Positive News: UAE Schools Highly Recommended

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Overall this must be considered the most positive statistic for schools in the UAE that comes out of the WSA School Survey: Over 6 in 10 of the parents surveyed would recommend the school their children go to other parents, with another 15% sitting in the middle – still undecided.

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However, that still leaves a substantial group –  23% of parents – who would not recommend their children’s school to other parents.

Abu Dhabi is the most positive emirate with 64% of respondents saying they would recommend their school, as opposed to 61% in Dubai and 58% in Sharjah.

The biggest differential in results, though, is found in the curricula of schools.

IB and British curricula schools have a much higher number of respondents who would recommend their school than their Indian or US curriculum counterparts. Some 70% of parents with children attending IB and/or British schools would recommend their schools, as opposed to just 49% and 43% of parents at Indian schools.

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A clue as to one reason why this is may be found in who pays the school fees, more information on which may be found here

Note: The Which School Advisor Survey is open. We will not close it but continue to collect data that will allow us to release more data based stories with more detailed findings. The WSA Survey has had just under 600 respondents so far, which provides a solid basis for our initial findings. If you are not one of the 600, you can take the survey here. With more responses we will continue to deliver further insights. Keep an eye out also for the survey pages as we will provide updates when relevant to do so.


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