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Sharjah Child Abuse Hotline Receives Almost 500 Calls In 2016

Sharjah Child Abuse Hotline Receives Almost 500 Calls In 2016

The Sharjah Child Hotline call-centre reported it had received almost 500 calls concerning cases of abuse and ill-treatment in 2016.

The hotline allows teachers, students and administrators to report incidences of abuse to the authorities.

The hotline’s director Ahmad Al Tartor, told the National, “we received a lot of complaints from pupils, many of them reported physical and verbal abuse from other pupils. Some cases were of sexual harassment and bullying.”

“Some cases we received were from teachers complaining about pupils who are rowdy and uncontrollable. They report the incident to us to look for help and determine why the child is acting this way.”

In addition, the Sharjah Social Services- Child Protection Department has placed 52 complaint boxes in both public and private schools in the Emirate. It is hoped the initiative will further encourage students to report abuse cases.

To report any suspected case of child abuse please contact the Sharjah Abuse Hotline on: 800700



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