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Senior CBSE Official Condemns Private Tuition

Senior CBSE Official Condemns Private Tuition

A senior official of the New Delhi-based Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) spoke out strongly against private tuition while attending an educational event in Qatar this week.

“CBSE has banned private tuition since 2010. We will take action against any school that is found promoting this practice,” said CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi at a news conference in Doha. “In most cases, parents insist on private tuition to help children score higher marks. There is unhealthy competition in this regard. CBSE is actually trying to curb the race for marks.”

Joshi also announced that CBSE is planning to introduce an accreditation system for schools next year.

“The accreditation will allow us to monitor the performance of each school based on a set of criteria and those failing to meet the required standards will face action, including a cancellation of affiliation,” said Joshi.

There are also plans to eliminate model questions for board examinations, as part of a new “open text assessment” system. This is intended to make students study the subject in full, instead of focusing on the “expected” examination questions.

With ever more competition for university places, the desire to score high marks shows no sign of abating however. The trend in the UAE, where one out of two students now has a private tutor, is for more out of school tuition not less – as this report shows…



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