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New Ambassador Vows To Improve & Develop Pakistani School Sector

New Ambassador Vows To Improve & Develop Pakistani School Sector

Newly appointed Pakistani Ambassador Moazzam Ahmad Khan has said he will make developing the Pakistani education sector- one of his biggest concerns.

Speaking to Gulf News, Khan said he had ambitious plans to improve the provision and service for the UAE’s Pakistani students.

He told the publication, “one of my top priorities is to improve the plight of Pakistani schools across the UAE to make them viable, with affordable education centres for all community children.”

Khan plans a series of meetings with the UAE’s Pakistani schools over the next few months to discuss raising standards.

With almost 1.5 million Pakistani’s in the country, Khan said he also plans to bring well-known Pakistani private school providers to the UAE.

Khan went on, “I am also planning to bring some major private school groups from Pakistan to open schools in the UAE to meet the increasing demand from the growing number of Pakistani students.”


At present there are 12 Pakistani schools established across the Emirates. While the inspection results are not available for the schools in Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, those regularly inspected in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have consistently under-performed.


Lat year, the H.H. Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistani School in Dubai hit the headlines when the principal at the time highlighted the tens of thousands of Dirhams missing in defaulted school fees. In response, the Pakistani Embassy stepped in and supplied funds for basic improvements and staff salaries.


Pakistani Schools in the UAE:

Dubai: The H.H. Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistani School- Dubai rated Weak, Pakistani Educational Academy- rated Acceptable.

Abu Dhabi: Pakistani Community Welfare School – Band C Grade 7, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistani School: Band C Grade 6, Pakistani Islamic Private School: Band C Grade 6,

Sharjah & Northern Emirates: Pakistani Islamia Secondary School- Sharjah, Pakistani Islamia Higher Secondary School- Ajman, Pakistani School- Ajman, Omar Bin Al Kattab Pakistan School- Ajman, Pakistan Islamia Higher Secondary School- Fujeirah, Pakistan Islamia Secondary School- RAK, Pakistan Higher Secondary School- RAK


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