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Billionaire Launches Six Million Dollar Teacher Prize

Billionaire Launches Six Million Dollar Teacher Prize

A Chinese billionaire has launched a new teacher prize with a combined purse of around six million dollars.

Charles Chen Yidan will award the inaugural prize in September 2017, offering prizes of around three million to two ‘laureates,’ who will demonstrate the best global education research and development projects.

Billionaire Chen is co-founder of tech giant Tencent, a website and social media company with over 700 million users which offers a Whatsapp-type service to the Chinese market.

Speaking to Times Education Supplement (TES) Mr Chen said he hoped the prize would shine a “spotlight” on the winners and “tell the world what they think the best [education] research and practice is”.

He continued, “if you ask me to describe the Yidan Prize, it’s a very simple mission: create a better world through education.”

Chen went on to tell the publication, “the prize would not be prescriptive, and winners would be determined by independent judges using four criteria on whether their projects are future-oriented, innovative, transformative and sustainable.”



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