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Launch Ready: Clarion School

Launch Ready: Clarion School

Clarion is the first ‘complete-build’ we’ve visited in the ‘Launch Ready’ series. Having been built from the ‘ground up’ over the past year, the unique school building is now structurally complete.

Intimate and bespoke, the attention to detail at Clarion is impressive. The structure is now almost final, all that remains is the fitting of the Balinese shade structures in the car-park and the classroom shade sails, both of which are underway.

Clarion exterior 2

On the school grounds the outdoor learning spaces areas are ready complete with unique Balinese wooden equipment.

Foyer Clarion

Inside the reception area, the detailing is being finalised.

Clarion the street

‘The Street’, Clarion’s free play area designed to resemble and recreate the freedom of childhood, has also been finished and lies waiting for real world use…


Clarion play

Is play equipment in place? Most of the tactile Balinese play accessories and equipment are currently getting their final ‘weather-izing,’ however, WhichSchoolAdvisor.com did get a sneak-peak at a few items already completed.

Clarion seating

Are the Classrooms Equipped? Clarion has opted to use the US ‘Community Playthings’ brand to furnish the school. The result is a neutral and natural classroom palette- ready for teachers and students to make their mark.

Clarion confirmed it will launch with 15 students per Grade one, two and three classroom and 18 students per Kindergarten class.

Clarion teachers

Have the staff arrived? The 17 lead and assistant teachers (all with a Bachelors Degree or above) have all arrived, most are from the US. Today the new teachers began their induction process.

Clarion teachers 2

Details for parents: Uniforms will be available from the school on Monday 22nd August, (although the school does supply each new student one complimentary uniform set). Transport has been arranged and finalised through local bus contractor STS. Clarions car parking area is large and WhichSchoolAdvisor.com foresees few issues there.

Clarion will open on 4th September 2016. The school will be hosting various Open Days for parents wishing to tour the school, these will be held each Monday and Wednesday between 9am and 12pm.

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