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GEMS Schools Launch New Future-Based Programmes

GEMS Schools Launch New Future-Based Programmes

GEMS Education is collaborating with Singularity University, a Silicon Valley-based educational institute and business accelerator to create 20-week, future-based programmes for students enrolled in GEMS schools.

It is hoped the new programmes will provide GEMS students with the 21st century insight and skills required for success in a world of exponential change.

GEMS and Singularity University plan to develop key educational programmes, beginning with a 20-week applied skills-based course for all GEMS students aged 14-18 and enrolled in the GEMS UK, US, IB and Indian curricula schools.

In a press release, managing director of GEMS, Dino Varkey, said, “the world has witnessed massive change in the last few decades, and the pace of change is increasing faster than we could have ever imagined. Students need to become the architects, rather than passive bystanders, of their own future. As a result of the jointly developed GEMS-Singularity University programmes, our students will better understand the opportunities and risks associated with exponential technologies and their impact on society, career pathways and life choices.”

The programmes will allow students to explore specific exponential technologies in great depth, learn from the world’s leading experts, and apply this new exponential thinking to a range of futures-based scenarios.

Rob Nail, CEO and associate founder, Singularity University, said, “our future is being shaped by a number of exponential technologies, most of which we are only vaguely aware. Employed wisely, these technologies – ranging from artificial intelligence to nanotechnology to digital biology – will help us solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. With the right skills and mentors, our young people will be empowered to make great contributions not only in the future, but today as well. It is therefore important for them to be equipped with the knowledge of how exponential growth will impact their own future and careers.”



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