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GEMS Announces Profits Of Over 130 Million

GEMS Announces Profits Of Over 130 Million

GEMS Group has announced it has achieved profits of $131.5 million in the year through August, while income reached $879.3 million in the same time.

According to the National the rise in profit is due to an increase in student enrollment which was up 6.1 percent this year.

The GEMS Group, which remains in the top three largest International school groups in the world, has 88 schools across the Middle East, Africa, India, UK and the USA.

The publication also reports the group then reinvested $287.9 million in the same time period on schools.

In 2016, GEMS Group opened four new schools in Dubai, these included: GEMS Founders the highly affordable Dhs 22,000 to Dhs 29,000 British curriculum school in Al Barsha, ¬†GEMS Nations Academy- the UAE’s most expensive school at Dhs 118,000 for Year 6, the dual MoE/UK curriculum GEMS Al Barsha National School, and Heritage Indian School.




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