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DESC Announces Expansion Plans

desc expands

Dubai English Speaking College, the Not-For-Profit, ‘Outstanding’ school, located in Dubai’s Academic City, has announced to parents it will expand the school to 10 tutor groups (forms) by August 2016.

In a letter to parents, group principal Andrew Gibbs announced the move, noting the new buildings required for the move would be constructed over the summer holidays.

Describing the construction he said, “a substantial new build this summer that will house classrooms, offices, changing rooms and a medical facility,” would be added to the existing school.

The letter goes on to say, “the build will be situated between the sports hall and the perimeter adjoining the German school… I must assure you that without this development we would not have added to our student numbers. However, I am pleased to now be able to offer an education at DESC to children who would otherwise have been compelled to look elsewhere.”

British curriculum, DESC is a sister school to DESS and has been steadily increasing its student capacity since it was established in 2005.

“We are very conscious of how we use our learning and social spaces,” said Gibbs. “Similarly we have a keen eye on class numbers and, most crucially, are committed to maintaining the quality of education that DESC provides – so that growth does not have an adverse, deleterious impact on the learning experience for our existing students. With this in mind a combination of our recruitment strategy and the additional teaching areas our new build affords mean that class sizes will not, in any forms or subject classes, be any bigger – and in many cases will actually be smaller,” he said.



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