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ADEC Holds Parent Workshop For Gifted Children

ADEC Holds Parent Workshop For Gifted Children

Last week, ADEC facilitated a workshop for parents at the nine schools currently trialing the ongoing gifted and talented pilot programme.

The programme helps schools identify those considered gifted and talented and offers selected students special activities and enrichment programmes.

In a bid to engage parents as partners in participating schools, ADEC facilitated a training workshop for parents on recognising and supporting gifted and talented children.

The workshop offered parents practical advice on how to nurture gifted children.

Dr. Mona Alameri, Acting Division Manager of the Special Education Division for ADEC wrote and delivered the workshop content.

She told participants at the event, “involving parents as partners in identifying and planning to serve gifted and talented students is critical, as they have insight into the preferences, areas of strength, and social-emotional needs of their children.”

Dr. Alameri, went on to say that many gifted children can experience social-emotional issues which differ from those of their peers, such as perfectionism, over-sensitivities, emotional intensity, and/or feeling different.

“This workshop is to help parents support their children to overcome these issues,” she said.


Dr. Alameri concluded by saying, “parents of gifted/talented students are our partners in helping these students develop to reach their potential, which represents a tremendous resource for our country. By working in partnership with parents, we can help these students to achieve at the highest international levels and become the leaders of the future.”

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