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Abu Dhabi Parent Frustrations Expressed in New Survey

Abu Dhabi Parent Frustrations Expressed in New Survey

A new study by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) which surveyed more than 50,000 parents in the emirate and whose results were published in UAE newspaper Gulf News, revealed that almost one-third of parents in the emirate are unsatisfied with the quality of school facilities and the focus on promoting values such as national identity.

In addition, only one in two parents are satisfied with their children’s behaviour and attendance at school.

According to the survey, about 70 per cent of parents were satisfied with home-school communication in both public and private schools, but pointed out that they needed more information in case their children misbehaved or there was an emergency at school.

Only 65 per cent of parents were satisfied with the level of academic and career guidance provided at schools, and the Adec report stated that this was “a low percentage compared to the importance of the [service]”.

About 42 per cent of parents with children enrolled at public schools also believe that the quality of the curriculum is only moderate or less than moderate.

While parents with children in private schools appeared to be more satisfied with the curricula on offer, they don’t think they’re getting good value, with facilities offered said to be not good enough for the high tuition fees being charged.

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