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WSA’s Top 10 UAE Universities

8th Place. Khalifa University of Science (Abu Dhabi & Sharjah)

khalifa-universityEstablished in 2007, Khalifa University is a semi-private university that caters mostly to UAE Nationals. It has two campuses: one in Abu Dhabi and the other in Sharjah. The university offers full 100% scholarships to UAE National students but does not stipulate if other levels of scholarships are available to students of other nationalities.

The student population is therefore predominantly UAE National based.

Surprisingly, this is the only university that has set a maximum age of 20 for applicants coming into the Bachelor programmes.

Because this is a university with a relatively big number of students, the university website has devoted a lot of space to campus life. There is a student hub where students can study or have group discussions, restaurants and a vast library.

For more information go to: http://www.kustar.ac.ae

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