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UAE Exam Results: How Do We Compare?

UAE Exam Results: How Do We Compare?

A Level results


This year, the UAE outperformed the UK with an A* to A pass rate of 38.5, while the UK achieved a significantly lower score of 25.8 percent A* to A passes.

Once again Dubai College, an academically selective school, was the clear leader with 66.8 percent A* to A passes. The other schools that released their results were all non-selective with Jumeirah College in second place with 46 percent, the very affordable (Dhs 26,000) Dubai Scholars in third with 45 percent and Al Diyafah (also a Value priced school) in fourth place with 43.2 percent A* to A passes.

If we compare the UAE’s results against those in the independent sector in the UK, we can see that Dubai College does exceedingly well, placing somewhere around 38th out of a total 291 top schools. This is a decline in ranking from the previous year, but still a considerable achievement. Jumeirah College’s results place it around 154th after the Dhs 94,750 school, Leighton Park School.

Interestingly, Al Diyafah and Al Salam also perform well against the UK’s best. Both schools would sit somewhere around 187th place near the Dhs 71,665 per year Harrogate Ladies College. Not at all bad for schools with a student body of non-native English speakers, and with a fee of less than half their UK peers.

Fees versus options offered

It would seem that while most of the affordable schools ‘make-the-grade,’ their subject options can be lacking. Looking at the results, the affordable schools do in general offer significantly fewer A Level subject options, with Al Salam offering 9 subjects, Dubai Scholars 7 and Al Diyafah 11


At the other end of the scale, Brighton College Abu Dhabi (Dhs 74,100), Jumeirah College (Dhs 85,291) and Dubai English Speaking College (DESC) (Dhs 77,792) all offer an impressive 26 A Level subjects, while Dubai College (Dhs 87,984) has 19. The slightly more affordable: English College (Dhs 59,619) and British School of Al Khubairat (BISAK) (Dhs 62,300) each have a very respectable 21 subject choices.

It seems that while money is not so successful – in the UAE – in its ability to guarantee exam success, it can buy choice of subjects offered. Whether this matters to your child will depend very much on whether they are science and business focused (quite well covered universally) or more humanities based (less well so).

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