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The Best Schools In Abu Dhabi 2016

best schools in Abu Dhabi gems-american-academy-abu-dhabi

GEMS American Academy
ADEC 2015/16 Rating: Very Good
Curriculum: US
Age: 4 to 18 years
Price Range: AED 47,880 to 66,780 AED
What they say: “GEMS American Academy School provides a very good education and has some areas of outstanding provision. Senior leaders, almost all of whom have been appointed since the last inspection, and staff present a common vision and show commitment and energy in their drive for continuous improvement.
Teachers and administrators come together to ensure students experience a rich and innovative curriculum. The parent community is very supportive and active in the life of the school. Parents recognise and appreciate the culture of ‘kindness’ modelled by the staff in their day-to-day contact with students. A large minority of students start school having had little exposure to the English language. They make very good progress in developing their social and communication skills. Attainment is generally close to curriculum expectations in the early years and most students make very good progress as they move through the school. Students make outstanding progress in English and science and very good progress in many other areas of learning. By the time they reach secondary age, a large majority are above expected levels in most subjects.”

Core Subjects: Good to Very Good
Other Subjects: Predominantly Outstanding
Learning Skills: Very Good
Teaching: Good to Very Good
Assessment: Good
Curriculum: Very Good

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Merryland International Private School
ADEC Rating: Very Good
Curriculum: British
Age: 3 to 17 years
Price Range: From AED 12,600 to AED 27,800
What they say: “The overall quality of education at Merryland International School is very good. The school has many outstanding features. The behaviour of students in lessons and around the school and their attitude to their studies are exemplary. They are a credit to the school and fulfil its aims admirably. External examination results are outstanding and individual students are regularly recognised as best in the country, region and, on occasion, in the world. Teaching is highly effective and it motivates and challenges students. The learning environment at the school is safe, caring and harmonious and contributes significantly to the academic, social and personal development of students. Dedicated staff work diligently to identify where students need additional support with their studies. Teachers have access to state of the art resources. The principal and senior leaders provide a clear vision and direction for the school to ensure its aims are met. The school’s owner and founder provides the moral, educational and financial support and direction for the school.”

Core Subjects: English predominantly Outstanding/maths predominantly Very Good/Science predominantly Good
Other Subjects: Good to Very Good
Learning Skills: Outstanding
Teaching: Very Good
Assessment: Very Good
Curriculum: Outstanding




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  1. Kerry Osborne says
    May 6, 2016, 7:39 pm

    Dear Which,
    Repton School on Reem Island is missing from your report. After last inspection it has been rated Band A, very good in all categories. Can you please have this list updated at your earliest convenience.

    • May 8, 2016, 10:20 am

      Thanks Kerry… unfortunately this report has not yet been published by ADEC, and has not been sent to us. At the moment therefore we cannot yet update the list. We look forward to being able to do so 🙂

  2. nikesh says
    December 22, 2015, 5:03 pm

    ADEC inspection report for British International school Abu Dhabi



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