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The Best Schools In Abu Dhabi 2016


NEW for 2016/17: The British School of Khubairat
ADEC 2016/17 Rating: Very Good
BSO Rating: Good with Outstanding features
Curriculum: UK
Ages: 3 to 18 years
Price Range: Dhs 41,500 to Dhs 62,300

What ADEC says:“The overall performance of the school is very good. All groups of students learn to respect each other in a strongly inclusive culture. Their personal development is very strong. Students develop very positive attitudes and have confidence in their own abilities. Staff offer very good protection, care and support while nurturing students’ talents and interests.
Students’ achievement and the quality of teaching in subjects taught in English are almost always very good and often outstanding. This represents most of the school curriculum. In subjects taught in Arabic, the majority of achievement and teaching is acceptable and the large minority is weak. This represents a minority of the school curriculum. An acting principal took over the leadership of the school at the time of the last inspection and maintained the school’s performance thereafter for four terms. The current principal has been in post for one year and has made important changes in staffing. The large majority of the school leadership team are new, through either recruitment or promotion.” 2016/17 report found here.

Core Subjects: Predominantly Outstanding
Other Subjects: Very Good
Learning Skills: Good to Very Good
Teaching: Very Good
Assessment: Good to Very Good
Curriculum: Good

What the BSO Report says: “The British School Al Khubairat (BSAK) is a good school with many outstanding features, which provides high quality opportunities for its students. The school has been through a period of significant change in recent years. The senior leadership team has now been stabilised with the appointment of key new post holders.
Students at BSAK learn well and nearly all make good and often excellent progress. They benefit from teaching that is at least good. This promotes positive attitudes to learning and ensures that achievement is at least good.
Teachers demonstrate a high level of commitment and dedication to ensure students are well cared for. The school has been effective in creating a cohesive learning community by promoting the students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and developing tolerant and respectful attitudes to others. The students, parents and staff are committed to the school and its future success.

The campus provides an outstanding learning environment for all students. Governors are proactive. They review welfare, staff recruitment, and health and safety arrangements fully and regularly. There is a positive climate for learning, so that students are well prepared for the next stage in their education, training or employment.”

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Al Ain International School
ADEC 2015/16 Rating: Very Good
Curriculum: British
Ages: 4 to 15 years
Price Range: From AED 39,600 to 51,975 AED
What they say: “Al Ain International School provides a very good education and has some areas of outstanding provision. Senior leaders and staff are united in their drive and determination to continually improve the educational opportunities available to students. The parent community is very supportive of, and praises the caring culture generated by staff. A high percentage of students start school with little or no English. They make very good progress in developing their social and communication skills.
Although attainment is below curriculum expectations in the early years, the gap closes significantly as students move through the school. Students make very good progress in many areas of learning. By the time they reach secondary age, many are above expected levels in most subjects.”

Core Subjects: Acceptable to Very Good
Other Subjects: Very Good
Learning Skills: Very Good
Teaching: Very Good
Assessment: Outstanding
Curriculum: Very Good

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Pearl Primary School

best schools in abu dhabi Pearl Primary

ADEC 2015/16 Rating: Very Good

BSO Rating: Outstanding
Curriculum: British
Age: 5 to 11 years
Price Range: Fees set at AED 40,400
What they say: Pearl has performed consistently well through both inspection cycles, with ADEC commenting that much of what they do is outstanding. In 2014 the council noted, “Students’ attainment and progress in English, maths and science are outstanding. They are good in Arabic, Islamic and social studies. The school collects an extensive range of performance data. It is thoroughly analysed. Efficient tracking systems are in place to monitor the attainment and progress of students. This data is used to identify learning targets and intervention groups to accelerate learning. Able students receive challenging activities which extend their thinking and progress.”  The glowing report goes on to note that, “Students’ personal development is ‘Outstanding.’ While students state that they ‘thoroughly enjoy school’ and are ‘excited by the education they receive.”

Core Subjects: Very Good
Other Subjects: Very Good
Learning Skills: Very Good
Teaching: Very Good
Assessment: Very Good to Outstanding
Curriculum: Very Good

2013 BSO Report says: “The Pearl Primary School sets high expectations for all its children, and they respond by making good or better progress in their lessons. Levels of attainment are high in both academic and wider creative capacities, enabling children to be very effective learners.

The leadership of the head teacher has a highly positive impact on all areas of the school, ensuring that all staff have a clear understanding of its present and future priorities. These are monitored and developed well. The headteacher is inspirational in her drive to improve continually all aspects of the school. The clearly stated vision is shared and understood by all stakeholders and drives the development of the school.

Teaching is of a high standard throughout the school and the dedication of the teachers is reflected in the strong learning achievements of the children. Teams of specialist teachers have an effective and positive impact on the quality and range of learning opportunities. Classrooms assistants are used efficiently, to ensure they maximise their impact on children’s learning and progress.”

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  1. Kerry Osborne says
    May 6, 2016, 7:39 pm

    Dear Which,
    Repton School on Reem Island is missing from your report. After last inspection it has been rated Band A, very good in all categories. Can you please have this list updated at your earliest convenience.

    • May 8, 2016, 10:20 am

      Thanks Kerry… unfortunately this report has not yet been published by ADEC, and has not been sent to us. At the moment therefore we cannot yet update the list. We look forward to being able to do so 🙂

  2. nikesh says
    December 22, 2015, 5:03 pm

    ADEC inspection report for British International school Abu Dhabi



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