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The Best Schools In Abu Dhabi 2016


Welcome to WhichSchoolAdvisor.com’s round-up of the best schools in Abu Dhabi 2016.

With the 2015/16 ADEC Irtiqa’a inspection reports in, the British Schools Overseas 2016 reports issued, and the IB and UK 2016 exam results collated, WhichSchoolAdvisor.com thought it about time we reissued the best schools in Abu Dhabi feature afresh.


Abu Dhabi’s 2016 Exam Results

First, the good news. The best schools in Abu Dhabi performed well this year, in fact, significantly better than the UK in the overall/average scores.

Abu Dhabi’s overall I/GCSE average for A* to A was 52.8 percent- more than double the UK average of 20.5 percent.

The UK’s average A* to C results were 66.9 percent, while Abu Dhabi’s I/GCSE were an impressive 88.8 percent.


The average A Level A* to A score in Abu Dhabi was 36.3 percent, again, significantly better than the UK’s percentage of 25.8.


A Level Results 2016

BISAK achieved the highest A* to A score in Abu Dhabi with 40 percent, while Brighton College Abu Dhabi achieved the most A* to C grades, with 95 percent.


I/GCSE Results 2016

In the I/GCSE exams Brighton College achieved the best results with 97% A* to C and 64% A* to A grades.

Second was Merryland School with 92% A* to C and 62% A* to A, an impressive result for a school with such affordable fees.


IB Diploma

This year, only Raha International published independent results (88% of students passed and an average score of 32.5).

However, the Aldar Group reported collectively a 100% pass rate with a 32.4 average score, while the GEMS Group recorded a 92 percent pass rate and 32.8 average score.

Only a fraction of schools in Abu Dhabi published their 2016 examination results and WhichSchoolAdvisor.com hopes in future years, more schools will offer parents this type of transparency. For the full 2016 examination details, please visit: here


ADEC Inspections

Last year, (2015) saw the new UAE-wide inspection framework implemented for the first time. Gone are the A-C bands and Grades of previous inspections, instead the new-look reports rank schools from Outstanding through to Very Poor. However, as Abu Dhabi works on a 2 year inspection cycle, it won’t be until mid 2017, that we will know exactly how every school in the Emirate ranks in the new categories.


The Outstanding Schools

This round of inspections saw the first four schools in the Emirate to secure ADEC’s top rating- Outstanding. These were; Aldar Academies’ Al Bateen Secondary-Al Mushrif Private School, Al Muna Primary School, Raha International School and Bloom Academy/Brighton College Al Ain.


Schools Rated Very Good

Twelve schools scored a Very Good rating this year, these were; GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi, GEMS World Academy, German International School, The Japanese School of Abu Dhabi, Pearl Primary School, Merryland International School, The British International School Abu Dhabi, Al Yasmina School, Repton Foundation School, Sheikh Zayed Academy for Girls, The American International School of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain International Private School.

Three of these experienced the inspection for the first time: Al Ain International Private School, Sheikh Zayed Academy for Girls and Repton Foundation School.

Impressive improvement was seen in this band from; GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi, which moved from a B5 rating (old system) and The British International School, previously rated B4. Both schools made an impressive leap from lower Satisfactory to Very Good.


Curricula Breakdowns

This year, saw ADEC inspect 21 British curriculum schools, six IB and combined IB schools, 10 Indian Schools, 28 US and US combined schools and more.

The UK curriculum performed very well with three of the four schools rated Outstanding (Bloom Academy, Al Bateen/Al Mushrif and Al Muna Primary School). In addition five UK curriculum schools were rated Very Good, (Al Ain International Private School, Al Yasmina Private School, Merryland International School, Repton Foundation School and Pearl Primary School.

In total, seven IB and combined IB schools were inspected this year, of these one was Outstanding (Raha International), three Very Good, (GEMS World Academy, The American International School of Abu Dhabi and The British International School of Abu Dhabi).

Of the 12 ‘pure’ US curriculum schools only two (GEMS World Academy and Sheikh Zayed Academy for Girls) were rated Very Good.


Fee Affordability

Once again, Very Good rated Merryland International School remains the most affordable quality education with fees between AED 12,600 and AED 27,800. The Japanese School (also rated Very Good) costs a flat rate of AED 29,580. The remainder of the Outstanding and Very Good schools cost on average between AED 40,000 to AED 60,000+ per year.


Read on for the best schools in Abu Dhabi…

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  1. Kerry Osborne says
    May 6, 2016, 7:39 pm

    Dear Which,
    Repton School on Reem Island is missing from your report. After last inspection it has been rated Band A, very good in all categories. Can you please have this list updated at your earliest convenience.

    • May 8, 2016, 10:20 am

      Thanks Kerry… unfortunately this report has not yet been published by ADEC, and has not been sent to us. At the moment therefore we cannot yet update the list. We look forward to being able to do so 🙂

  2. nikesh says
    December 22, 2015, 5:03 pm

    ADEC inspection report for British International school Abu Dhabi



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