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The Top UAE Schools Offering SEND Mainstream Inclusion

The Top UAE Schools Offering SEND Mainstream Inclusion


Schools in Abu Dhabi


Raha International School

Curriculum: IB

No of Students with SEN: 63

Years: 4 to 18

Location: Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi


What ADEC says: Not applicable

Which SEND do you currently cater for/accept in your school? Specific Learning Disabilities 1 & 2, Communication & Interaction Disorders, Medical Conditions, Assessed Syndromes, Behavioral, Social, Emotional, Speech & Language Disorder plus various other multiple categories.

Can you outline the current SEN staff and their roles? 7 SEND Teachers, including 1 SEND PYP Arabic teacher (2 EY, 3PYP, 2 MYP), Primary Speech & Language LA, Whole school Math LA, Secondary SEN Arabic LA, 4.5 Inclusion Assistants (LAs) supporting 16 students.

Can you describe your specialist SEN facilities? In Early Years we have a sensory-based SEND room. For PYP – small classroom and in Secondary a regular sized classroom allowing for pull-out programming, and testing accommodations. In addition, Raha has a small classroom for Speech and Language lessons.

What is your school’s policy on shadow teachers? Our SEN program and support is free of charge with the exception of students with higher needs who require either a qualified Individualised Learning Support Assistant (ILSA) paid by the family or a part time Inclusion Assistant paid to the school.

Can you outline your policy when accommodating a child with SEN? Level 2 & 3 students have a passport, 3 parent meetings a year, but weekly updates via email for any students with an IA or ILSA.

Support: about 5 blocks in a two week cycle for level 2 support, level 3 is once or twice weekly with SEND teacher as they are getting other extensive support.

Assessment:  based on learning difficulty, but working to standardize. We use CEM data from Admissions, have the WRAT in our department, Lexicon reading levels, synthetic phonics, mathletics, have ordered Key Math 3 for whole school

What is the application procedure for parents with a SEN child at your school? Referral process as per ADEC guidelines or on admission with ed psych stating need.


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