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The Top UAE Schools Offering SEND Mainstream Inclusion

The Top UAE Schools Offering SEND Mainstream Inclusion

Mainstream inclusion means that any child, including those with special educational needs are entitled to be educated in the same classroom alongside everyone else.

Yet, it was only a few years ago, that it was almost impossible for most children with SEND to access any form of mainstream education here in the UAE.

However, over the past two years both governmental policy and the economic climate have conspired to bring about seismic change in most schools’ inclusion policies.

In 2013/14, the KHDA began positioning inclusion firmly centre forward, urging schools to accept and accommodate children with SEND.

At the same time, under supply in school places has turned to over supply, and increasing competition between schools for prospective students. Since 2014, over 30 new schools have opened in Dubai alone, giving parents more choice than ever before, and encouraging schools to vie for students.

All really good news for parents of children with SEND.

But just what SEND services are schools offering? Are their staff qualified and experienced? How can a parent go about applying for SEND places?

WhichSchoolAdvisor.com has rounded-up the top UAE schools offering SEND services and asked them the questions that you wanted answered.


*Please note: while this is by no means a comprehensive list of schools, it is simply ‘a beginning,’ a work-in-progress which we shall be adding to continually… 

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