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Dubai’s Top Indian Schools: 2016 Update

Dubai’s Top Indian Schools: 2016 Update

The academic year 2015/16 might well be remembered as the, ‘Year of the Indian School’ here in Dubai.

While the KHDA adapted the inspection criteria to include both an ‘Innovation’ component and a ‘National Agenda Parameter,’ the rating system also changed to evaluate the quality of educational provision on six levels – Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Acceptable, Weak and Very Weak.

As the first schools to have their results published using the new inspection framework, edu2021.com believes the Indian schools not only rose to the challenge, but performed really rather well.

Indian Schools’ 2015/16 Inspection Cycle Highlights:

Students’ learning skills were rated to be Good or better in 62% of lessons observed, while 63% of lessons were judged as having Good or better teaching.

In addition, 86% per cent of schools now enjoy Good or Outstanding links with parents and their local community.

School self-evaluation is now Good or better in 51% of schools, while 65% of Indian curriculum schools now benefit from good or better leadership.

The Winners


Two schools achieved an Outstanding ranking, these were: GEMS Modern Academy and The Indian High School (senior campus), (both schools already had Outstanding ratings under the previous inspection system).

A further two schools were awarded the brand new rating of Very Good, these were: The Delhi Private School and GEMS Our Own English High School.

A further 11 schools were ranked Good, by the inspection board in 2015/16.

Did You Know:

Of the 52,144 students in Indian curriculum schools who each receive a Good or better education, well over half (31,486) are in a GEMS education group school.

The Results…

Whichschooladvisor.com has been through each of the new 2015/16 KHDA inspection reports to find out exactly how the inspectors rated these 15 schools, highlighting attainment and progress in the core subjects, student progress, assessment, teaching and curriculum quality, plus SEN provision, fees, student numbers, teacher turn-over and more…

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