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Dubai British Schools – An Insider’s Guide to the Best

Dubai British Schools – An Insider’s Guide to the Best

Dubai British Schools – the best, and why. An insider’s GUIDE to a place in one of Dubai’s best schools!

The report, The Best British Schools in Dubai, has taken the WSA team the best part of three months to put together.

It delivers school fees broken up by year group, the KHDA’s attainment for each school broken up by year group, I/GCSE, A Level, AS Level and IB results data, an analysis of availability/demand for schools, the level of interest we see in each of the schools – and much more. It also provides data in chart and graph form so that it is easy to spot differences and to make comparisons. 

We single out the best Dubai British schools in terms of attainment benchmarked against price for Foundation/KG, primary, secondary and post-16 schools.

Anyone who reads the report will be able to focus in on the schools that a) fit budget, and b) deliver high levels of attainment. The report should be used very much in conjunction with the Which School Advisor reviews of schools which we have linked to throughout the report to give balance to the analysis. Where you see a school that seems to tick the boxes, bury into the site to find that review.

Nothing of course actually beats visiting a school to get a sense of feel, but you cannot, and do not want to visit every one of the 50 Dubai British schools in the emirate. You also do not want to hand out the 500 – 1000 AED fee ($136 to $272) that schools charge you for the privilege of applying. You’ll be broke, and mad, before you know it. Spending the time now on research will seriously save you money and your sanity.

The report, by narrowing down your targets, should save you money by honing down your short list. Your choices should almost certainly be a better fit for you and your children.

If you do have feedback, or would like anything additional added to the report, please do not hesitate to let us know. We look forward to your feedback!



How to navigate this report

1. Start Here
2. Map of British Schools
3. What We Measure
4. The Data we have Used
5. The Demand for Places
6. Post 16 Education
7. Secondary Education
8. Best British Primary Schools
9. Best British KGs
10. The WSA Survey, What Current Parents Think
11. Nationality, Fees and Attainment
12. Best British Schools in Dubai Table: Contact Emails and Overview
13. Best British Schools in Dubai Table 2: Fees
14. The Charts


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  1. James says
    October 9, 2013, 9:56 am

    Guys, an absolutely fantastic report. Invaluable.


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