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Dubai School Fees 2016/17, Complete List

Dubai School Fees 2016/17, Complete List

For full Dubai fees by year group, go here.

School Name Curriculum Minimum Fees 2016/2017 Maximum Fees 2016/2017
Al Adab Iranian Private School for Boys Iranian 8,572 18,367
Al Adab Iranian Private School for Girls Iranian 8,572 18,367
Al Ameen Private School UK 9,084 10,296
Al Arqm Private School MOE 7,608 16,229
Al Basateen Private Nursery MOE 5,754 5,754
Al Basateen Private Nursery Hatta Branch MOE 5,400 5,400
Al Diyafah High School UK 8,312 17,902
Al Eman Educational Est (Al Eman Private School) MOE 5,573 8,304
Al Ittihad Private School US 17,860 36,789
Al Ittihad Private School (BR) US 19,427 37,834
Al Khaleej National School US 14,961 28,629
Al Maaref Private School (LLC) US 9,371 26,963
Al Mawakeb School – Al Garhoud US 13,373 21,678
Al Mawakeb School (Br) US 13,373 21,678
Al Mizhar American Academy School US 39,886 62,176
Al Nibras International Private School US 21,161 42,062
Al Rashid Al Saleh Private School MOE 8,354 17,927
Al Sadiq Islamic English School UK 4,118 8,348
Al Safa Private School UK 25,902 39,879
Al Salam Private School UK 12,482 27,899
Al Shurooq Private School MOE 6,728 11,188
Ambassador Kindergarten LLC Indian 25,351 25,351
Ambassador School Indian 19,976 39,306
American International School US 11,564 18,748
American School of Dubai US 57,307 78,685
Amled School Indian 11,500 16,000
Apple International School UK 6,334 11,633
Arab Unity School UK 5,717 9,560
Bilva Indian School Indian 12,000 21,000
Bradenton Preparatory Academy US 32,421 76,504
Buds Public School Indian 7,565 13,508
Cambridge International School UK 17,206 23,361
Capital School UK 38,000 58,000
Collegiate American School US 40,071 72,352
Credence High School Indian 15,000 23,000
Crescent English School Indian 2,479 8,994
Dar Al Marefa School IB 30,676 69,660
Deira International School UK/IB 38,328 77,222
Deira Private School UK 20,713 32,372
Delhi Private School Indian 9,682 13,555
Delhi Private School Academy Indian 21,674 34,059
Dovecote Green Primary School UK 42,000 44,000
Dubai Arabian American Private School US 12,579 28,042
Dubai British School UK 43,644 65,467
Dubai British School Jumeirah Park UK 75,000 75,000
Dubai Carmel School UK 8,235 13,977
Dubai College UK 77,702 87,986
Dubai English Speaking private college – branch UK 74,219 79,772
Dubai English Speaking School UK 34,000 42,078
Dubai Gem Private School UK 11,820 24,268
Dubai International Academy IB 38,318 67,893
Dubai International PrIvate School US 13,313 20,901
Dubai International Private School – BR US 13,622 21,386
Dubai Modern Education School US/MOE 10,575 16,474
Dubai National School US 20,164 33,087
Dubai National School (Branch) US 19,761 32,395
Dubai Police Kindergarten – Deira Branch MOE 1 1
Dubai Scholars Private School UK 13,739 26,060
Elite English School Indian 4,286 9,461
Emirates English Speaking School Indian 3,484 5,287
Emirates International Private School L.L.C UK/IB 33,836 71,702
Emirates International School Meadows IB 25,871 76,726
English Language Private School UK 3,567 10,516
Foremarke School UK 90,000 98,000
Gems Dubai American Academy US/IB 21,781 80,640
Gems First Point School UK 38,000 55,000
Gems Heritage Indian School Indian 14,000 24,000
Gems International School-Al Khail IB 47,477 66,054
Gems Jumeirah Primary School UK 38,202 48,155
Gems Metropole School UK 33,000 44,000
Gems Modern Academy Indian 33,056 49,011
Gems New Millennium School Indian 20,963 28,000
Gems Our Own English High School Indian 6,804 14,397
Gems Our Own Indian School Indian 5,737 11,696
Gems Royal Dubai School UK 35,834 45,182
Gems Wellington Academy – Al Khail UK 52,000 85,000
Gems Wellington Academy (Branch) UK 35,067 79,185
Gems Wellington International School UK/IB 41,078 89,368
Gems Wellington Primary School UK 40,795 51,422
Gems Winchester School UK 10,134 16,044
Gems World Academy IB 62,176 107,928
German International School Dubai German 35,146 66,398
Grammar School UK 4,576 6,293
Green Field Community School IB 41,441 76,315
Greenwood International School US 17,596 26,981
Gulf Indian High School Indian 3,368 6,368
Gulf Model School Indian 3,303 6,005
H.H. Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistani School Dubai Pakistani 3,057 6,112
Hartland International School UK/IB 49,750 78,000
HCT Academy for Girls US 50,000 50,000
Horizon International School L.L.C UK 33,318 77,453
Horizons English School UK 24,872 34,834
International Academic School US 13,158 24,672
International Concept Education French/IB 55,000 77,000
International School of Arts and Sciences US 21,570 30,199
Iranian Khadije Kobra School Iranian 2,990 4,037
Iranian Salman Farsi Boys School Iranian 2,243 3,140
Iranian Towheed Boys School Iranian 8,500 10,000
Iranian Towheed Girls School Iranian 8,450 8,970
Islamic School for Training and Education MOE 5,995 10,028
Japanese School Japanese 16,816 16,816
Jebel Ali School UK 41,093 75,000
JSS International School Indian 13,626 35,557
JSS Private School Indian 10,620 23,059
Jumeira Baccalaureate UK/IB 56,131 84,197
Jumeirah College UK 68,233 85,291
Jumeirah English Speaking School UK 36,506 45,115
Jumeirah English Speaking School (Br) UK/IB 36,506 86,006
K12 Middle East FZ-LLC US 18,332 25,672
Kings School Al Barsha UK 50,200 100,000
Kings School Dubai UK 40,777 61,525
Kings School Nad Al Sheba UK 50,200 103,200
Little Flowers English School Indian 3,395 3,657
Lycee Francais International French 25,459 53,843
Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou Primary Oud Metha French 26,062 26,062
Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou School (Dubai Branch) French 31,401 43,122
Lycee Libanais Francophone Prive-Dubai French 23,151 49,610
Mirdif Private School US 23,017 35,074
Modern Skills School US 14,991 25,345
National Charity School-Boys and Girls MOE 4,277 7,841
New Academy School US 7,602 20,264
New Indian Model School Indian 3,746 6,517
New World School Private MOE 11,406 18,686
Next Generation School US 26,500 36,500
Nord Anglia International School UK 60,000 86,000
North Americam International School US 27,829 44,526
Oasis School UK/IB 35,244 42,910
Ontario International Canadian School Canadian 40,000 68,750
Our Own High School Indian 8,260 13,778
Oxford School UK 10,953 17,365
Pakistan Educational Academy Pakistani 1,000 1,000
Philadelphia Private School US 17,714 30,333
Pristine Private School UK 9,071 16,994
Queen International School UK 13,881 26,032
Raffles International School – Umm Suqueim South BR UK 29,328 65,812
Raffles World Academy UK/IB 29,328 82,119
Rajagiri International School Dubai Indian 10,945 21,941
Ranches Primary School UK 45,000 55,000
Regent International Private School UK 42,265 92,482
Repton School FZ-LLC UK/IB 50,379 100,759
Russian International School Russian 13,747 21,138
Sabari Indian School Indian 14,124 16,307
Safa Community School UK 47,000 65,000
Sharjah American International Private School US 15,584 38,960
Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Islamic Institute MOE 1 1
Springdales School Dubai Indian 18,000 28,000
St Mary Catholic High School Dubai-Al Muhaisnah UK 11,000 14,000
St Mary Catholic High School-Dubai UK 5,825 12,512
Star International School UK 19,657 38,897
Star International School (Branch) UK 31,613 47,587
Swiss International Scientific School IB 60,000 95,000
The Arcadia Preparatory School UK 60,000 69,000
The Central School Indian 3,558 6,262
The Childrens Garden Kindergarten Other 50,000 50,000
The City School International Private UK 13,346 23,659
The English College Dubai UK 49,764 59,619
The Indian Academy Indian 10,622 20,000
The Indian High School Indian 4,921 9,321
The Indian High School – Branch Indian 4,699 4,921
The Indian International School (DSO) Indian 8,700 11,800
The International School of Choueifat SABIS (UK/US) 19,368 37,068
The International School of Choueifat-Branch SABIS (UK/US) 23,263 44,296
The Kindergarten Starters Indian 6,666 8,897
The Millennium School Indian 15,888 23,364
The Philippine School Philippine 5,956 10,241
The School of Research Science UK 32,069 68,853
The Sheffield Private School UK 21,324 40,213
The Westminster School UK 7,295 14,182
The Winchester School UK 12,996 28,992
United International Private School Philippine 4,659 8,482
Universal American School – Branch US/IB 38,465 73,030
Uptown School IB 54,703 83,852
Victory Heights Primary School UK 34,589 47,167



To coincide with the 2015/16 inspection results, the KHDA has also released the newly approved schools fees for the 2016/17 academic year.

Given the current economic climate and with around 20 new schools set to open next year, it looks like many existing Dubai schools have remained prudent on increasing fees for the upcoming year.

Many new schools focus on discounts for the initial start-up years, examples include Taaleem’s Dubai British School Jumerirah Park and Uptown School, which offer significant reductions to their KHDA authorized fees. Meanwhile the Swiss International School Dubai is offering discounts for their newly launched Middle Years Programme.

While many schools have held back on announcing their 2016/17 fees for the time being, WSA has accessed the full list via the KHDA.

The Indian schools are significantly more affordable than the rest, and have historically always been so. Almost all are priced below AED 15,000 and as they are not indicative of the other curricula we have removed them from this report.



Outstanding Fees

A cursory glance over the Outstanding schools and you could be mistaken for thinking that there are some exceedingly affordable schools in the category.

However, closer inspection shows that almost all those priced under AED 50,000 are in fact, only primary schools. Of the 16 Outstanding schools in the group five are primary schools, (and 2 secondarys: DESC and DC), so not quite as economical as they first appear.

Repton remains the most expensive Outstanding option priced between AED 50,379 and AED 100,759.

The Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou School (Dubai Branch), however, is highly affordable with fees between AED 31,400 and AED 43,000.


Very Good Fees… or Are They?

GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail is the most expensive school in the Very Good category with fees between AED 35,000 and AED 79,185, closely followed by Deira International School between AED 38,328 and AED 77,222.

Once again, the French curriculum offers an affordable option with the Lycee Libanais Francophone Prive-Dubai coming in at a very affordable AED 23,151 to AED 49,610.

Jebel Ali Primary’s flat rate of just over AED 41,000 for all classes, is also a very good deal, however, as the school is set to relocate to a new purpose built facility in August 2016, the fees will increase.


A Good Deal

The largest fee differences are in the Good category, as these schools range from premium-plus to value, with everything in between.

At the value end, there’s UK curriculum Al Ameen School with fees between AED 9,000 to just over AED 10,000. Other affordable options include Al Diyafah High School with a top price of AED 17,902, Al Mawakeb School with fees finishing at AED 21,678 and Al Salam Private School peaking at AED 27,899, plus numerous others.

At the other end of the spectrum there’s Foremarke priced between AED 90,000 and AED 98,000 and GEMS world Academy topping off at a staggering AED 107, 928, making it the most expensive school in Dubai.

Other costly schools in the Good category include: Regent International Private School finishing at AED 92,482, Uptown School at AED 83,852 and Raffles World Academy at AED 82,119.

Yet, at the same time all these schools boast premium facilities, UK trained teachers and a slew of extracurricular activities.

While some of the value options might seem ‘too good to be true,’ cash strapped parents need to remember most are housed in older buildings, in busy parts of town with few facilities and limited subject options.

On the other side of the coin, GEMS World Academy offers students some of the most spectacular learning environments available in the country including: a planetarium, fitness centre, indoor climbing wall and peace garden.


Acceptable Fees?

Across the board, the Acceptable schools tend to be more affordable, however exceptions include: Bradenton Prep at AED 32,421 to AED 76,504 and International Concept Education with fees between AED 55,000 and AED 77,000.



A cursory glance over the Dubai private school inspection results and fees could leave some parents scratching their heads’ as to why such a price disparity exists , even within the same rating groupings.

However, parents should be aware that, while the KHDA inspectors rate everything from the core subjects, curriculum and teaching, the students social development and more, they do not take into consideration the facilities, extracurricular activities and the number of subject options available.

Those who do wish to compare only the fees should proceed with caution and be aware they are often not comparing ‘like with like.’


For full Dubai fees by year group, go here.



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  1. hilary says
    May 11, 2016, 1:01 pm

    why no Nord Anglia?

    • May 11, 2016, 5:05 pm

      Hi Hilary, because these are KHDA approved fees obtained at the time the education regulator released its reports. Nord Anglia has yet to have had an inspection – and hence fee information is not provided.

    • May 12, 2016, 3:16 pm

      We have now added Nord Anglia, as well as all other unrated schools. 🙂


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