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Indian Curriculum ‘Focuses Too Much on Exams’

Indian Curriculum ‘Focuses Too Much on Exams’

An overwhelming majority of teachers in India believe that their school curriculum is overly focused on exams. 92% of respondents to the ‘Pearson Voice of Teacher Survey 2014’ said that India’s assessment system primarily focused on exam results.

There has been much debate among educationalists, policy makers and politicians in India recently about the need to teach children skills – academic, cognitive and vocational – to enable them to compete for careers on a global stage.

A majority of teachers – 54% – were also unhappy with the support that they received from parents in educating children while 55% were dissatisfied with the contribution of policy makers.

“The point being driven home is that the parents and policymakers should equally help teachers in improving the skills of students,” said Deepak Mehrotra, managing director, Pearson India.

There was, however, good news as the survey revealed that 79% of teachers believe that the learning environment has improved over the past decade. Respondents identified good infrastructure, newer methods of teaching and technological integration as important enablers which have supported them in improving teaching.

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