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Dubai Sports City, Dubai Area Guide


Schools: 3*
Entertainment: 3.5*
Family friendly: 3*
Traffic: 3*
Rents: Moderate

A look at the 50 million square feet master plan, followed by an aerial view courtesy of Google Maps, shows one of Dubai’s most ambitious projects is getting there, and unusually – for the emirate – looks like it will end up pretty close to the original vision.

Parts of Sports City are beginning to bed down, most notably the residential, and more specifically villa based part of the plan (Victory Heights) centered around the completed Ernie Els Golf Course. This is of course the simplest, quickest, and least onerous in terms of capital expenditure, but there’s headway elsewhere too, most notably with the 25,000 seater cricket stadium, a big tick for the development.

Dubai Sports City will eventually feature four sizable stadia: a 60,000 seat multi-purpose outdoor stadium, the 25,000 capacity cricket stadium, a 10,000 seat multi-purpose indoor arena, and a field hockey stadium for 5,000 spectators.

One of the area’s main features, a central canal which will be surrounded by residential, retail and commercial buildings – has yet to be filled with water, which will be a major milestone on the way to the project’s final completion. In fact the whole area around the central canal – which is supposed to be a “Riviera style development”, remains patchy scrubland and distinctly desert-like.

As a result living in Dubai Sport City anywhere except Victory Heights area which is maturing around the Els Club, comes at a discount. A studio apartment will cost (approximately) 45,000 AED, a one-bed apartment 65,000 AED and a two-bed 85,000 AED, making the area pretty good value.

Note: When talking about Dubai Sport City, you need to separate out Victory Heights. Victory Heights is almost a completed community within the community, and well liked by its residents. However, costs to live in Victory Heights range from 300,000 AED to 450,000 AED, and consist of both townhouses and villas.


Schools in the area include Bradenton and Victory Heights Primary School. Two new schools are set to open in the immediate vicinity in Sept 2014. These are Nord Anglia in Al Barsha South, and GEMs Metropole in Dubai Motor City. See also our Dubai school admissions page.

In addition to its sporting facilities, Dubai Sports City will eventually boast schools, medical facilities, hotels, community centres, and entertainment venues. Its primary shopping destination, Arena Mall, will have a leasing capacity of 1.4 million square feet. It will, we’re sure, be one of Dubai’s most significant developments. However, if you want to move into a community which has its facilities already in place, and have a family that wants to be able to roam freely, then Sports City is not – yet – for you.


Great sporting facilities – and more to come
Great golf course within the community
Good value

Very much Under construction


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